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The Great Fire of Rome

No description

Nick Stencel

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of The Great Fire of Rome

The Great Fire of Rome

On July 18th, 64 A.D. the Great Fire of Rome breaks out, and destroys much of the city.
The fire began in the slums of a district south of the legendary Palatine Hill.
The area's homes burned quickly, and the fire spread north, fueled by high winds.
Who's to blame?
Legend has long blamed the Roman Emperor, Nero for the following reasons...
Nero did not like the aesthetics of the city, and used the devastation of the fire to change much of it.
Nero also used the fire to clamp down on the growing influence of Christians in Rome. He arrested, tortured, and executed hundreds of Christians on the pretext that they had something to do with the fire.
After the fire, though it was never proven that Nero caused the fire, his reputation had been severely damaged years later.
Nero decided to blame scapegoats, which just so happened to be the Christians.
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