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The Mystery Of The Aagnee Ruby

This is a novel about a lost stone and adventure of two brother's

6b3 6b3

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of The Mystery Of The Aagnee Ruby

The Mystery Of The Aagnee Ruby Chapter #4 There were two twin brothers name Saif and Taimur.They were very different from each other but one of the hobby was same to explore about mysterious history.they had a distant relative who was there aunt and her name was Aunt Jum Jum.The boys tried to avoid meeting her because she hugged them and made them breathless. Chapter #1 Chapter #2 CHapter #3 When aunt jum jum arrived the boys came out of thier room and saw her waiting to hug them.Saif looked at taimur.Then a tray filled with samosas , leftover chocolate cake and their favourite eclairs arrived.They tried taking some of them but they have to meet aunt jum jum first.When they meet her they hide behind their mother and answered to all aunt jum jum's questions.They went in to their room and saw Amina sitting on their chair and asked her question that how her mother died she told them the whole story and they came to know what happened. When amina was gone they requested their mother to go to naran and their mother agreed with them.That night they read about the kohistan house and the aagnee ruby which was stolen in the british raj.The next day they started getting ready to go to naran.They said goodbye to their father and went away.In the middle of the way Saif was carsick.When they reached naran they were happy.
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