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Short story analysis: Metonymy, or the husband's revenge.

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Najwa Nuur

on 15 January 2014

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Transcript of Short story analysis: Metonymy, or the husband's revenge.

Plots and themes
themes: jealousy, mistrust and metonymy
Jealousy: Jealousy is a great key factor in this story, the man is consumed of jealousy which makes him do bad things. it is a key theme in the story.
mistrust: it is what caused the man to snoop into his wife's stuff because he suspects her and follows her actions and behavior completely.
metonymy: this is also a key theme in this story because it is metonymy which made the narrator make his story and made the man do a crime, he ultimately chose metonymy and killed the "mailman who brought the letters", an example of metonymy.
Plot: the story's beginning starts when the narrator describes herself and the story starts. the rising action is when the story the narrator is about to say starts, the action rises as the woman grows back her beauty, and flirts with the sergeant. a twist of fate makes the sergeant move to another country, making the woman depressed. that is also considered the climax because the climax is where everything starts, and everything changes throughout this story.the action falls as the man findsout and snoops into her stuff. the resolution is reached when the man gets the gun and commits a murder. and the story ends as the man confesses.
Summary of the book
This story is about a man, who talks about how he learned a single word, the experience he has with it. he also mentions the story in which has helped him make use of the word. the story he tells, consists of a man who is not old, but suffered from diseases at a young age, making him very unappealing, but he is not poor. however, he finds a wife,but she is very emancipated, and very poor. she does regain her health and beauty later on. then one day, that woman meets a sergeant. that sergeant is very attractive, making this woman love him than her husband. after several days of flirtation, they both become lovers. suddenly, the sergeant is taken away to another country to serve. the woman cries in desperation. she starts to become ill and the husband notices. he suspects his wife so he snoops into her private stuff and then he finds out that she is involved with another man. this makes him furious so he brings up his gun, tells the people to CALL the police, then when the police asks him who he murdered, he tells them it's neither the wife, the sergeant or himself, but the mailman, who brings the letter to the woman.
Characters and conflicts
The husband
The wife
the sergeant
the mailman
Conflicts: the man vs his wife (person vs person)
this conflict is when the man sees his wife desperate
man vs himself (person vs self)
in this conflict, the man is growing serious jealousy towards the sergeant and is unable to fight himself
man vs the mailman (person vs person)
man vs the police (person vs society)
By Najwa Nuur
Summary of the book
Point of view
Plots and themes
Significance of the title
Characters and conflicts
Point of view
Metonymy, or the husband's revenge
Short story analysis
THe story is in the first person at the beginning which is very little, but when the woman or the narrator starts telling his/her story, it goes on to be third person, making him/herself the narrator. however, mainly, this story could be categorized as a story which is in the first person point of view because there is someone behind the scenes, which is not a part of the story, and narrating it.
Metonymy: a figure of speech in which a thing or concept is called not by its own name but rather by the name of something associated in meaning with that thing or concept
The husband is the protagonist in this story. He is the main character and he grows and changes throughout the story. He starts as an individual who doesn't really show any affection for his wife, but then later on, when his wife's behaviors changes, he starts to become concerned and goes through his wife's secret stuff. He notices she has a relationship with another man which grows jealousy in him, which later on turns into anger and then he commits a crime. He could be referred to as a dynamic and round character, as he undergoes change in the story.
The wife is the other main character in the story because this story mainly looks at the husband and wife. She is a character that starts off as unattractive, poor and emancipated. After living with her husband and eating good food, she regains her beauty and sees her husband as a burden to her. She meets a sergeant, who she later on loves. He then is transferred to another country, making her miserable. She communicates with that man through letters and without her realizing it, her husband knows of it all, and it ends with the death of the mailman, who is the one who brings the mail to the wife. She can also be seen and categorized as a dynamic and round character.
The Sergeant is the antagonist in this story. He tries to
take away the wife from her husband by flirting with her. He isn't given much detail in this story but we do know that he has a manly appearance. He is also described as muscular, young and having a commanding voice. He eventually is sent to another country and that is the last he is seen through in this story.
The mailman is a simple and an innocent figure in the story. He is the victim of the sinful, immoral deed of the wife. He has paid the fee of the absent sergeant and the wife that her husband couldn't kill. He is simply mentioned once, which is in the end, when we are to be told of the victim of the husband.
Significance of the title
the title plays an important role in this story, since the whole story is completely based on the title. the author tells us about when he learned the word mentioned in the title and what story made him never forget about it, therefore, it is a key element in the story, even to the extent the story will not make sense unless the word "metonymy" which is the title, is known to the reader.
now, it's the end :)
the end
Wait! not just yet!
The Echo!
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