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Advising North Campus

A brief overview of how the North Campus deals with advising

robert turner

on 23 May 2010

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Transcript of Advising North Campus

Advising students in the ABP Academic support Soft Counselling Automated referals from the student tracking system WPR Banner Assessment database Blackboard FAP attendance Advising records Discipline records Leadership Awards Complaints Referals from faculty through the WPR Referals from admin through the student tracking sytem Drop ins tier one:
initial meeting
referal to peer tutors
behavior modification
soft counseling
drop in workshops tier two:
assessment of learning difficulties
longer interventions
referal to counselling tier three:
in depth assessment
referals to counselor
referals to learning disability specialist Orientation
Three FTE for 200 students
NSO 7 hrs a week (7 class groups 1 hr a week, 65 students)
Tutoring/Advising of X students (14 x 1/2 hr)
Tutoring only in pairs for 31 repeaters (2 x 1/2hr)
Learning Assessments of 2 students
Drop in Sessions 8 hrs a week (2 per level 1 hr a week)
Total Contact hrs: 39 hrs
Students on Academic Probation
Students who fall below 70% pass rate
Students who have behavior problems
Students who have absence problems Student Support Team
Steve Lydiatt: Educational Psychologist
Faculty on long term reassignment: arabic speakers with advising background
Faculty on short term reassignement ad hoc StudentTracking System Who?

How? What? Overview of Current Activity
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