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Thirty Things about me

No description

Jason Van Swol

on 15 August 2018

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Transcript of Thirty Things about me

Thirty Things about me
#1 Jason Michael Van Swol
#2 born & raised in IL.
#3 1 brother 2 sisters
#4 My brother's family
#5 & 6 My sisters
#7 I am married
#8 My wife Amy
#9-14 My animals
#15 I went to U of Illinois
track & cross-country
Big10 champAll-American
#5 coach cc & track
13th year coaching
Head track & CC Coach
#6 love to work out
No Matter the Temp.
...finished 6,000 pushups last summer
Love to read
Have lots of tattoos
Long hair
Love adventure races
Love to eat...
Huge sci-fi nerd
Almost an Olympian
I am a bit clumsy
I didn't have a car from 2010-2015
My Dog, Roscoe, was Classy
My favorite motor vehicle is:
I have a son named Xander
This is my family
THis is my daughter, before and after.
We also like to travel
THis is my youngest daughter Isolde
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