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No description

Rachana C

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Unwind

Unwind Rachana Chilakapati The Heartland War The Bill of Life Unwinding Risa Ward Levi "Lev" Calder Connor Lassiter The Second Civil War, also known as the Heartland War, was fought over abortion rights The battle ended as a stalemate, and so a compromise was reached between the pro-life and pro-choice parties, and the Bill of Life was created. Known later in the novel as the "Akron AWOL," Connor was set to be unwound because he was too big a troublemaker for his parents to handle. He learned of their plans to unwind him in advance, and decided to try his hand at an escape. Risa was a ward of the state, and simply not talented enough at her trade-piano playing- to be kept alive. Lev was born and raised to become a tithe. A tithe was a human that was conceived in order to be unwound. Lev was a "true" tithe- the tenth child of his family. The Bill of Life stated that from the moment of conception to the age of thirteen years, the human life was untouchable. When a child turned thirteen, his or her guardian could choose to have them unwound. Unwinding was the process of removing all a person's organs and having them implanted in other people.
The person being unwound had to stay awake during the whole process, and was to be kept informed about what was being removed.
Unwinding was a regular occurence at the time the
story takes place. The Graveyard What rules, norms or behaviors appear to support the society in functioning well? Kicking AWOL In a series of events jump started by Connor's escaping from his home, all three of the aforementioned characters "kick AWOL," which is lingo for running away. Lev was actually taken against his will by Connor, but eventually comes around and decides he doesn't want to be unwound after all. The three teens are eventually transported from home to home, in the future's version of the Underground Railroad. A place whose existence is largely ignored by the government, the Graveyard is where runaway Unwinds spend their teenage years. The Graveyard is run by the Admiral, a veteran of the Heartland War. Connor and Risa are deposited here, and Lev soon joins them. Connor works as a mechanic, and Risa as a medic. It is later revealed that the government always knew of the Graveyard, just didn't care enough. At the very end of the book, Connor takes over as the Admiral. State Homes- These are government-ordained orphanages, where babies and children could be sent if the parents were unable or unwilling to care for their offspring.
Storking- This was a way of giving unwanted children away. This was both helpful and detrimental to society, but young mothers saw it as a second chance at their youth. This was adopted when abortion was illegalized.
Organ Harvesting- Though many can argue that unwinding is immoral, it provided disabled people body parts they needed to survive.
The Graveyard- This facility provided teenagers with the means to survive when they otherwise would have been unwound. What rules, norms, or behaviors appear to prevent the society from functioning well? Unwinding- This prevents the society from functioning well because it is a constant threat to adolescents. It causes panic and discord among the people liable to affected.
Storking- Many families were storked more children then they could afford to bring up, and this caused unnecessary unwinding. These families had no choice but to give up the children that's been left at their doorsteps How does the society decide on leadership? All the power and authority in this novel belongs to the government. They, along with their military, were the ones to draw a conclusion to the Heartland War, and they spearheaded the creation of the society they were later to rule.
However, this does not hold true for The Graveyard. There, the Admiral created a what he himself admits to be a dictatorship.
There, he and his five best men
hold power. Fan art and Videos Thanks for Watching and Listening!!
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