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Analogy of White House vs. Plant Cell

No description

Jaxon Lehman

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of Analogy of White House vs. Plant Cell

The nucleus is like the president because he is the leader.
Analogy of White House vs. Plant Cell
The cell membrane is like the White Houses walls because they both protect them from the outside.
Cell Wall
Cytoplasm is like water in the White House because it keeps it hydrated.
The guards are like the cell wall because they protect the whole building and keep things out that shouldn't be in.
Cell Membrane
The cooks are like the mitochondria because they give everyone the food for energy.
The golgi body is like the delivery trucks that come to the White House and deliver food.
Golgi Body
Supporters of Barack and the government is like the ribosomes because they cheer on and motivate him.
Chloroplast would be like the refridgerator and the cabnets because they contain energy (food).
The DNA of the White House is like the people that lives in it because that is what defines it.
The End
A plate is like the vacuole because it holds the food.
Endoplasmic Reticulum
The ER could also be like a delivery truck because it helps deliver food too.
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