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10 3/3

No description

erika steinger

on 2 March 2016

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Transcript of 10 3/3

10 3/3
"Either or" Propaganda
Do Now
Copy down the Lesson EQ
Respond to the following questions in your notes:
What is Stalin's purpose for releasing this message?
How do you think people responded?

Thursday, March 3rd
Animal Farm
focus questions
Animal Farm
stop and jot
What connection or prediction can you make between the image of Stalin and Animal Farm?
Knowing what you know about Stalin, do you believe in the authenticity of this picture?
What do you think Stalin's intentions were in releasing this?
How were the people intended to feel after seeing this photo? Why?
Double Speak
The use of language to disguise or distort the meaning of words, sometimes in the form of euphemisms
words or phrases that make negative or unpleasant things sound better
ie- instead of saying someone died, saying they "went to a better place"
Sending the message that the viewer only has two possible choices, usually opposites, when in reality there are many options
How is this represented in
Animal Farm?
Turn to page 63
What is the role of propaganda on the farm?
What effect does propaganda have on the animals?
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