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Event Beacon Jaarbeurs

Organizational Advantages, Active Exhibitors & Customer Journey

Carl Kerchmar

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Event Beacon Jaarbeurs

Start campaigns online and in Hotels:
Early bird sales,newsletter and
program information
is already promoted via the RAI website.

With Beacon technology the Jaarbeurs website can integrate with it's
hospitality network of hotels
directly on guest room TV's and web apps.

Local businesses and cultural organizations are also using this new marketing channel enriching the event
attendees overall experience
Agenda campaign:
The new information and marketing channel CBIS is for the Jaarbeurs, event organizers, exhibitors, local business and cultural organizations.

Jaarbeurs and event organizers keep control of agenda changes in real-time.

Exhibitors now have the possibility to add agenda items 'live.' This helps to them to adapt to changes and maximize hourly situations. Examples include promotions and demos.

Local business and culture organizations can connect their offers with event attendees.

* All promotions are event related and timely.
Narrow casting timely event news and offers.
Daily event items and offers get points on
the map.
RSS feeds culture and entertainment info
A good time in the city with colleagues and new contacts improves the overall event experience.
CBIS is a clear and simple web based channel for creating and managing narrow casting displayed on screens and mobiles.
CBIS lets the Jaarbeurs and event organizers keep control with real-time information.

Wayfinding advice by Mijksenaar ensures an optimal visitor's journey.

1. Choose

2. Pick

3. Create

4. Review and
Let visitors know what, when and where everything takes place

Exhibitors need to maximize their time at an event. Event Beacon gives them the opportunity to react to situations in real - time:

1. Capitalize on a keynote with a topic related demo.
2. Draw attention with a promotion or give-away.
3. Trigger interest with industry related knowledge.
4. Reach attendees at multiple key locations inside, outside and online.
CBIS gets the message out at the right time and wayfinding leads visitors to opportunities.
Visitors can reflect on discoveries and new contacts. Event Beacon helps them plan for during and after the event.

Exhibitors have time to adjust campaigns and agenda information.
Event Beacon connects visitors to the city and opens the dialogue for future events.
Check out the early bird special! Lets think about planning our next event.
Powered by
A Continuous Journey

Organizers • Exhibitors • Visitors • City
What, when and where everything takes place ...
during the event...
in the city...
and at the Hotel
CBIS to Hotels and event sites
CBIS on multiple screens and locations in four steps.
Event organizers, exhibitors and local businesses can reach their target group throughout the visitor journey
Consistent layouts creates trust
Why Event Beacon?
Printed media campaigns take weeks to prepare, costs more than social media and are not real-time.
Even though it's not real-time and takes weeks to make outdoor media has a high impact but too expensive for MKB's.
1. An event organization implements Event Beacon.

2. Program and wayfinding information gets organized.

3. Marketing channel CBIS is activated.

4. Exhibitors and local business reach their public.

5. Visitors get optimal information.
Event Beacon In Review
1. Software customized to your event's branding
including web, screens and mobile.

2. Optimal wayfinding with advice from Mijksenaar.

3. The option to use existing screens or rentals.

4. Marketing to local business and culture makers.

5. Support during and analysis after the event.
Standard Beacon Network Delivers
1. Keep control of event information.

2. Integrates event news and local information online,
in hotels, on screens in the city and at event locations.

3. Empowers exhibitors, MKB's and local culture
makers with a new marketing channel.

4. Flexibility to create hourly campaigns 'live'.

5. Improves interaction with the public.
1. Choose

2. Pick

3. Create

4. Review and
Missie en visie
Jaarbeurs Utrecht wil in 2015 hét Dorpsplein van Nederland zijn, dat miljoenen unieke ontmoetingen per jaar faciliteert.
Online campaigns can be quick and affordable but miss impact.
- Een nieuwe Entree
- Een moderne megabioscoop: van kaskrakers tot cultfilms
- Luxe en eigentijds hotel
- Enorme foodcourt met zeer veel uiteenlopende bars en restaurants.
- Renovatie van het stationsgebied
- Binnen de Jaarbeurs vernieuwde restaurants, vergaderruimtes, congreszalen,
  entrees, recepties, toiletten, passages en foyers
- Rechtstreekse treinverbinding met Schiphol
- Gratis draadloos internet op het gehele complex
- Een theater met optredens van de top van showbusiness
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