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Bias by Photos, Captions and Camera Angles

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jayden bonin

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Bias by Photos, Captions and Camera Angles

Bias by Photos, Captions
and Camera Angles

Definition: Pictures and captions can be used to influence someones opinion by how the image looks (flattering or not) and how the caption describes the image (positive or not).
In magazines when they take a picture of a celebrity, they use a lot of makeup and photo shop. Making the celebrity look almost perfect. With flawless skin, perfect hair, nice clothes and expensive jewelrey. By doing this you're using bias by photos, captions and camera angles to make the celebrity look virtually perfect.
Entertainment shows are bias by photos, captions and camera angles because when there's an award show often times they talk about who wore what best and who wore what the worst. By doing this they are doing bias by photos, captions and camera angles because if they're looking at a picture of a celebrity that isn't very flattering then they will think that this celebrity didn't look good. But maybe the celebrity did look good, maybe it was just a bias photo because not many people like the celebrity.
In police sketches artists go off what victims tell them they about the criminal's appearence. Sometimes they make them look too big or too small or even make them look either really rich or make them look poor, these are all forms of bias. Once these sketches go out to the public everyone might be looking for the wrong person since they made them look like something they're not.This is not good for us because the criminal will be still on the loose. Bias is not only bad (in general circumstances) but can also costs lives.
By: Jayden,Sarah
and Sofia
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