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Penta Water Steps

No description

Erica McGill

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Penta Water Steps

Penta's water has smaller molecules
Statement of penta water user
Is Penta better for your body than normal water?
How can you see that the water is penta
Yes the water is better for your body,
You should try for yourself, the great tasting Penta water, that's great for your body.
You can tell which water is penta by its distinct purple bottles. Many people have never heard of Penta so it can be hard to find. To get Penta you can go to their website, ask your local store to supply Penta water or your store may already have penta.
Vol I, No. 1
13 steps 11 hours
The steps to make Penta water
I got this info from...
The water goes through a series of filtration process to make the water molecules smaller. The Penta Water company make it go through lights and other fancy processes.
Penta Water Steps
because your body can absorb the smaller molecules better than the, steadily growing, normal sized molecules.

Ralph R.
"Been drinking so many different brands of bottled water, Penta Ultra Purified Water is outstanding among all the others, it has the taste that similar to the natural spring water. With the 13/11 purifying procedures, Penta water gives peace of mind to the consumers."

Shea <Racing>
Hydration is a huge part of staying fit, especially in a race car. The heat can get up to 200 degrees in a car therefore, I only drink Penta. Penta gives me immediate hydration allowing me to perform at my 100 percent.

Penta is a brand of ultra-purified bottled water produced by United Beverage, formerly United Packaging Group, LLC., based in Colton, California in San Bernardino County
These people have tried Penta too!!!
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