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Leaving Cert English; Paper One

All about the Exam and how to Prepare

Jennifer Ní Fhaoláin

on 6 May 2013

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Transcript of Leaving Cert English; Paper One

Paper One The Paper You also need to Write, write, write, A LOT! Still preparing...... = 200 marks 3 sections Comprehension Question A Question B Composing 50 marks 50 marks 100 marks Write everyday. Leave your writing like a hot cross bun for a bit and come back to it later with big critical teacher eyes ready to change anything that needs it. Ever wonder how exactly you're suppose to get an A in English? Well it's simples....every section of Paper One and Two is marked the same way..this is exactly what the examiners mark you by....probably handy to know so... The Marking Scheme Purpose Engagement with the task Coherence 30% 30% Sustaining your response over the entire answer Language 30% Appropiate to task - vocabulary and style of language Mechanics 10% Spelling, grammar & punctuation. Well this kind of explains itself now, hopefully :/ i.e. if your writing a debate then you need to use language of persuasion etc. Use a nice range of vocabulary (get out that thesaurus!) i.e. keeping up the good work all the way through. i.e. answering the actual question on the paper and not your own handy one you've done earlier. And EVERYTHING is marked this way except Question A in Paper One. Oh and it's not such a secret either - All exam papers, marking schemes and chief examinaer reports (which have sample answers) are available on www.examinations.ie Question B is 50 marks, yes?
so it is marked P C L M 15 15 15 5 50 + So if you see this on your homework and
hopefully you do :/ well it's not just a random crazy code So if I were to reccomend timing for each question, which I am.... Scanning through paper - 10 minutes Question A - 40 minutes Question B - 45 minutes COmposition - 1 hr 10 minutes Checking over everything - 10 minutes Timing 2 hr 50 min So how on earth do I prepare for such a crazy random exam? Read, read, read, everything and anything, just read! Think about what you read in 3 ways. You can't expect to walk into the exam and will yourself to be an intelligent reader, you need practice. But don't worry, everything counts: magazines, blogs, newspapers, novels, short stories, poems, even reading song lyrics AND it's never too late. What does this
text mean to you? How does this text
relate to other texts? How does this text
relate to the world? Half of marks for
better prepare so... Keep a journal where you write about what you read and hear in the 3 ways outlined in previous section then that's two birds hit with the same stone. Excuse the metaphor. Other ways are for e.g. keeping a diary. What have you got to lose (except maybe all your secrets like Anne Frank ..... E.g. How to Prepere By Jennifer Whelan Leaving Certificate English Avoid this Good Luck :)
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