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The Walking Dead

Companion App

Jaseera Abubacker

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of The Walking Dead

THE WALKING DEAD Companion App Contents Introduction Features Target Audience Genre USP Marketing Budget Production Costs Future Plans Azeem Jaseera Sarah Tobi Any Questions ? Platform IOS
- IPad
- Iphone
- Ipod touch

Android devices eg.Mobiles phones and tablets.

We chose this platform because we believe this would make the app more popular as it is more handy and convenient to interact with it quickly.

Unlike consoles, can be time consuming. 18+

Both Male and Female


Frequent/Intense Horror/Fear Themes

Infrequent/Mild Profanity or Crude Humour The genre of this companion app is similar to the app that previously existed


Zombie Apocalypse This is the map that identifies where the infected people and the non infected people are located. The red dot on the map stand for the zombies and the blue dots are for the non infected humans. This is our sketches of tools we are going to include in our companion app. Team Find Us on We will be maintaining the app frequently

We will be fixing bugs and issues

We will make sure that the app is up to date

In near future,We might add more features and new innovations once we reached our target level

Expanding our market and platform £ 50,000
Communicating online:

Communicating online with the walking dead app can be a very effective way to share thoughts around.The app allows you to communicate with other players and compete against them.

Choosing weapons:

The app gives the players a wide selection of weapons to choose from to kill the zombie. The player has to anticipate the correct weapon that they think will be used to kill the zombie to get the most amount of points. Leaderboards:

The app allows the users to compete against each other over the leaderboard challenge. The player that gets the most amount of points playing the game gets on the leaderboard challenge and compete against each other to win.

Purchase items from store:

The players can purchase products from the store and use them in the game.


This is one of the main features in this game as the player will need to follow the map at all times. They have to follow the map and get to the zombies and kill them. Map also identifies where the infected and uninfected people are.
We are aware that the walking dead companion already exist however, we wanted to challenge it.

From the start as a team we decided not to look at the app that already exists until we had a brief idea of what we wanted to do. we then decided that we wanted to mix it with criminal minds. Features Target Audience Platform Budget USP Marketing the app for us is quite easy as a similar walking dead app already exists. However this meant that we had competition so we had to differentiate it to make it unique.

So, we decided to use different advertising methods such as billboards, televisions and magazines.

As the other app we decided that our app will be available on smartphones and android phones also including tablets. Production Costs Marketing Future Plans We combined criminal mind with walking dead and this makes it unique.

We added new features in the game that differentiate it to the existing app. so there more of research involved as the players have to use the features of the game

For example the maps to find out where the zombies are. £ 100,000 - £ 250,000
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