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The Windmill

No description

mellie garcia

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of The Windmill

The Windmill
By: Mellie & Edith
Who made the windmill?
The windmill was invented by Daniel Halladay in 1854
What were its purposes useful for?
The windmill (called wind pump) was used to pump water since the 9th century. A windmill also uses wind power to create rotational energy for the use in mills, pumps and presses. In the Netherlands, (where windmills became important for local economies) were used to make boards, paint, oil, paper and bread.
What are the gears used?
When did the windmill become popular?
The windmill started becoming popular when it started to spread through the Muslim world and soon to china, to all over Europe (mostly the Netherlands) and eventually everywhere else.
What is used to make the windmill?
The parts of the main body are connected first. they are bolted together on the ground and then raised up. The poles are connected with the connecting rods. Clamps are bolted at each joint. After the tower is raised it is loosely bolted to the base. Next stay wires are strung from the frame down to the ground and attached to tensioners and ground anchors. When the structure is level, the bolts are tightened. The fan wheel, gearbox, and main shaft are next attached. The gearbox is first clamped and bolted to the top of the tower. The main shaft is then attached to the bottom of the gearbox. The fan is then attached to the axle and connected to the gearbox. Finally, the tail section is attached to the gearbox, the pump is then hooked up to the main shaft and the windmill is operational.
The gears used in a windmill (electrical) are the gear box, which is made up of various gears, axles, rotors, and wheels.
The fan, which made up of a metal rim with slightly curved blades attached.
How was the windmill improved?
As you may or may not have noticed the windmill has been modified over the years and has gone from standard wood/brick and steel to electrical wind turbines
Is there more than one type of windmill?
There are actually various types such as the ones shown below which are,
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