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Snacking In America 2012

No description

Robert Staszel

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Snacking In America 2012

The percent of Americans
saying they try to avoid
snacking is the lowest it's
been in years. Snacks sourced from home
are at a five year high, though
foodservice continues to try
to grab a share of people's
snacking dollars. During a typical year, there are
over 356 billion eatings of
snack-oriented foods. Do you have a complete
view of the snacking
landscape in order to be
a strong competitor as a
retailer, as well as a
manufacturer of the Snack
Artist brand?

The NPD Group can help. Snacking in America 2012 Summary:
Snacking in America 2012 examines long-term snacking behaviors among adults, teens and children across many different perspectives including snack occasions (what are we doing between meals?), snack-oriented convenience foods (how are our snack choices changing?) and a deep-dive into the advanced motivational need states that drive snacking selection. Snacking in America 2012 Sources include:
NET Database
SnackTrack Database
MealScape Studies (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
CREST Database
Custom Study
Snack Food Motivational Need State Analysis Our team is offering a special report price of $20,000 to Safeway. This offer expires on 9/28/12, and the price will then return to $27,500.

Contact Robert Staszel with questions or to purchase the report at (847)692-1862.

Use snacking report to strengthen
Safeway's position as a competitor
in the snacking landscape. EXAMPLE SLIDES
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