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Victorian Entirtainment

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Aysha Al Muhairi

on 9 March 2014

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Transcript of Victorian Entirtainment

The Victorian era is the era of the reign of Queen Victoria. During this period of time, theater flourished. At that time theaters became very popular with the masses.

Theatrical atmosphere was not particularly restricted to certain classes of the society. One of the main reasons of masses attending the theater was the improvement in the transportation system. The streets became safer for traveling at night time,which prolonged timing for the theater. Plays could run for a longer time now. This all led to greater profits and an increase in the number of theaters.

Typical audiences in those days were mostly the citizens from the lower section of the society, with some representation from the aristocracy. The great alteration, however, didn't come until the middle of the Victorian era. The greatest work done to improve theater’s perception was done by none other Queen Victoria. The Queen’s encouragements of the theater not only pumped fresh air into the London theater, but theater was also understood as “something destined to yield a rich harvest in the future

Victorian dinner parties where associated with the upper class, not usually the middle class, and were attended by eminent guests of status.

During the reign of Queen Victoria, times were relaxed enough for normal people to enjoy sport during their free time. Traditional sports like football, cricket and boxing were given emphasis for the first time, croquet and lawn tennis were introduced and children played with hoops or balls. Also, many football clubs were set up; ones like Aston Villa and Everton were set up by churches to attract more people to come to church.
For entertainment, Victorians went to theaters, carnivals, circuses and watched sporting events. They also enjoyed boat rowing in the rivers and skating in marshes during the winter.
Victorian Entertainment
Carnival & Circus
In Victorian circuses; these vintage photographs reveal circus sideshow acts in all their glory.

"In the mid 19th century there were hundreds of circuses operating in Britain. Trick riding continued to be the main attraction, but a variety of other acts developed. There was even an aquatic circus where the circus ring was flooded with water."
Victorian Circus
It is almost impossible to exaggerate the importance of music in the lives of the Victorians, from those in high society to the working classes, and across the nation. In a world that had only limited methods of mechanically reproducing sounds in the home (such as musical boxes), hearing live music performed was a precious thing, to be cherished forever. But most people did not seek only to be entertained by professional musicians, they delighted in making music themselves.
Victorian era musical instruments would have been organs and violins. Possibly accordions and harps were used as well. These instruments are all quite lovely sounding and were played in Victorian homes.
Le Carnival
signed 'Laura Knight' (lower left)
oil on canvas
30 x 40 in.
Set up by an ex-cavalry man named Philip Astley, The circus was part of a Lambeth riding school. Astley taught horsemanship in the mornings and performed tricks on horseback in the afternoons. His wife provided musical accompaniment by beating on a large drum, and even went as far as circling the ring on horseback with a swarm of bees covering her hands!

The first circus ever...
It is known that there were hundreds of circuses operating in mid Victorian times around 1850-1860. Circuses were a part of culture and a unique part of western culture and what is known as Victorian culture and Victorian culture had important influences on Modern Culture. The skills whether that of the performers or the specific engineering and design work done in preparing the circus were important.
The Guests
At Victorian dinner parties, the hostess invited guests from the upper class of society. Typically, she invited one guest of honor, as well as she looked to invite some guests with musical skills or entertaining abilities.
The Setting
Pairing the guests was not the sole concern of the Victorian hostess. She had to make sure her house was in order, in particular, her parlor and dinning room, since the party was set in those two areas. First, guests would assemble in the parlor, where the pairing took place. Then, starting with the highest-ranking guest, each man escorted his lady into the dinning room, which the hostess decorated elaborately.
The Dinner
The Victorian hostess had a primary goal in mind when she held a dinner party, and that purpose was to flaunt her status. She aimed to impress her guests with elaborate dishes.
Planning a dinner party...

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