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Elara Sakona

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Akan

The Akan People West Africa West Africa is made up of 16 countries: Benin
Burkina Faso
Ivory Coast
Cape Verde
Guinea-Bissau Liberia
Sierra Leone
Togo The Beginning The Akan People are indigenous to and more specifically, Ghana. They can be traced back to the 13 century when people believed they migrated from the northern parts of Ghana in order to be occupants of the south. West Africa th Belief System With the Akan religion there are three basic parts: The Supreme Being The Abosom/Obosom The Ancestors The Supreme Being The people of the Akan faith do have a God in which they call the Supreme Being. Whom of which has many names, here are a few:
-The One who can give us grace
-Mother earth, pure, unpolluted, motherly, protective, fruitful.
-our Father
-our Lord, our King, our Judge. Odomankoma Asasse Yaa Aja Awurade The Akan people believe their God is who all things are dependent on. Also that God is everywhere but far away at the same time way beyond the reach of humans. Even though the Akan People have this Supreme God it is argued as to whether it is a monotheistic tribal religion because the religion is based off of the three parts rather than just the Supreme Being. Abosom/Obosom Abosom/Obosom are the 'Lesser Gods' of the Akan Religion. They can also be called the deities. Those of the Akan faith believe that there is a world of spirits in our world, that spirits are everywhere and the Abosom are apart of it. The Lesser Gods are fathered and created by the Supreme Being in order to minister for him. The Abosom give blessings and prosperity, as wells as direction and guidance for all aspects of your life. Which is why they are so important to those of the Akan faith.

These Gods are represented by the wind, rivers, oceans, streams, trees, mountains, rocks, and animals. Ancestors Ancestors are an important part of the Akan religion. The Ancestors are also known as the Nsamanfo. Anything Akan’s think or practice religiously has come from their ancestors. Akans believe in life after death. So when a BODY dies the spirit lives on forever. The ancestors are feared by the people but at the same time, they are loved and respected. They are believed to be everywhere. The Akan honor them because they are forever watching and protecting them. The Ancestors are thought to be in close contact with the Supreme Being, so the Akan People call on their Ancestors as a way to reach their God. Spider Stories Ananse is a culture hero whose stories revolve around a spirit-spider who does stuff on behalf of the supreme being. Among other duties, he is the bringer of rain and fire and he is able to change his appearance at will. He can either be spider and changed to a human or he can become a combination of both, dpepending on what is most appropriate for the delivery of his message. It's stories like these that have helped the Akan Religion stay in place. Holy Book & Commandments The Akan Tribal Religion has no written commandments to follow, or a Holy Book because their religion is based solely off of oral speakings and stories. Everything in the Akan Religion is orally passed on. Within the Tribe When looking into the faith of the Akan people they are sometimes reluctant to share and when reading about it you find very basic information. The Akan people speak the Akan Language. This is the main language used to tell stories and pass the Tribal Religion on, through one generation to the another.

The roots of the Tribal Religion are based off of ancestry, this helps the people to protect the UNITY and MORALITY of their tribes. Along with ancestry, mythology plays a huge role in the Akan Tribal Religion. Some of these stories have survived for over 500 years. Perhaps, one of the most famous of these stories are the 'Spider Stories.' Worship Too Unique When it comes to worship the Akan people find their Supreme God as too unique for them to worship directly. So instead most build shrines in their own homes to honor their Ancestors, The Lesser Gods, and The Supreme Being. These shrines are worshipped by the anointing or application of gun powder, human blood, and or spider webs to the shrine. When worshipping the shrine during libation ceremonies the Akan people give the Ancestors and Gods a lot of alcohol or some water that they pour onto the ground of their Ancestors as an effort to honor and satisfy them. Society Although the Akan people may be reluctants to share their religion to outsiders, they're more open with their society. The society of the Akan People differs from most in the way that it is a matriarchal lineage. Meaning instead of the male being dominant and in charge the female is instead. The wealth of a family is passed down through the female in the family as well. Unlike most African societies the Akan women have a lot a of power, wealth and independence.

They live in small compact villages where each member of the village can trace their descent back to one common grandmother. Holiday One of the most important ways the Akan people worship and honor their ancestors by is through many celebrated festivals. These festivals are held in remembrance of each one of them. One of the major festivals is Akwasidae. Akwasidae is held in a cycle of every 40-42 days. Placing it always on a Sunday. The traditional Akan Tribes often have special events to commemorate Akwasidae like, Akoms which is a traditional worship service with drumming, singing and dancing the ancient songs and rhythms from our ancestors. Every Akan family also sets aside this day to celebrate their family ancestors in other ways, that are dependent on the ancestor. Today's Akans With over 20 million followers, the Akan is one of the biggest indigenous groups in West Africa today. Today's followers tend to consider themselves Christians and follow the Christian way of life except for the fact that they still believe in spirits, and that they have an impact on the world. When visiting Africa you still see people today who practice the Tribal Religion of the Akan. Works Cited -http://www.ehow.com/facts_5373593_list-countries-west-africa.html#ixzz1HCKnejqb



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