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The Lightning Rod

No description

Daniel Cheston

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of The Lightning Rod

By: Daniel Cheston The Lightning Rod What is a lightning rod? Fun Facts: Where was the lightning rod invented? Ben Franklin wanted a way to protect buildings from lightning damage
lightning was one of the biggest cause of fires during the 1700s
lightning rods repelled the static electricity in a cloud Why was the lightning rod invented? Benjamin Franklin invented the lightning rod in 1753
Ben had started thinking about protecting buildings from electrical damage in 1750
his early electrical experiments in 1752 helped him create the lightning rod
in September of 1753, Ben put a lightning rod on his own roof
in October of 1753, he published his invention and how to make it in his newspaper, Poor Richard's Almanack Who invented the lightning rod? 8-10 foot long piece of iron
one side of the lightning rod is as sharp as a needle at it's point
the other side of the lightning rod is attached to an aluminum or copper wire that goes into the ground
the wire is buried 10 feet or more under the ground Ben and his English partners constantly argued over whether the lighting rod should be sharp or blunted
England decided to use blunt lightning rods
wanting to be different from England, the colonies decided to put sharp lightning rods on their buildings
the lightning rod became a symbol of ingenuity and freedom for the colonies
lightning rods have been equipped on houses, towers, churches, and even ships How have lightning rods changed people's lives? lightning rods are still used today
they protect people from the dangers of lightning related house fires
it saved millions of people's lives from dangerous lightning strikes
it was an important invention for the American colonies because it made them feel independent
invented in America in 1753
England was the first country to adopt the lightning rod
the American colonies started to use lightning rods later than England
many of the colonists thought having lightning rods angered God because God was the one who decided whether houses should be destroyed or not
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