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Pixar Theory

No description

Matthew Deardoff

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Pixar Theory

The Incredibles
Toy Story 1-2
14th-15th century
proof that these stories share the same earth and timeline
Earliest point in PIXAR universe
Merida finds a witch who uses 'magic'-disappears/reappears using doors
introduces animals and inanimate objects acting as people
Rising pollution/abuse will lead to a break between humans and animals and the animals will rise up to overthrow humans sometime in the future.

With the supers mostly eradicated by this point (because of Syndrome) the humans will look to the machines to save them.

(remember we learn from
Toy Story
that machines need humans in order to survive)
by Jon Negroni

Prezi by Matt Deardoff
result of witch's experiments
animals evolve
objects evolve
Syndrome discovers zero-point energy (answer to 'what did the witch use to power objects?'
A.I. shows that machines have an inherent dislike of humans
base response is to destroy humans
Toy Story 3
Increasing resentment toward humans displayed by Lots-o
Toy mortality is addressed again
We see toys gain sentience (zero-point energy)
They have a code of ethics, sense of morality, and can express emotions
They thrive on human love/interaction for life
abhor being stored or ignored
Begin to get fed-up with human abuse
BNL, a faceless corporation,
is created by machines to replace/control the human race
a reference to:
which leads to:
Finding Nemo
After BNL creates industrial revolution, Animals become angry at humans for pollution/capturing
Shows animal's growing intelligence
Dory's ability to communicate with whales shows animal's jump in evolution
Shows animals' increasing intelligence
First interaction between humans and animals
an extended animosity to humans from
Finding Nemo
is shown as animals hate/fear humans
animals become bold enough to strike relationships with humans
animals are shown to perform human tasks better than humans
Charles Muntz experiments with animal communication (possibly after hearing rumors of the events in
intelligent animals escape at the end
experimentation another source of resentment
more evidence of BNL takeover as Carl is forced to move his home due to expansion
Cars 1-2
result of war between animals,humans and machines
evidenced by remaining human structures and influences and remaining places such as America, Europe and Japan
fuel discoveries from
Cars 2
proves humans are no longer essential
humans are banished from earth but are played with and treated as humans used to treat toys
desolated earth shows the eventual result of the machine uprising
Wall-E helps restore humans, plants and animals on earth, giving them a second chance to build a society side-by-side again
BNL is showcased for what it was all along
A Bug's Life
Shows how animals have developed again
latent radiation causing longevity and ever increasing intelligence (animal society is way more developed than we see before the war)
Humans are alluded to but rarely mentioned which makes sense if earth is still sparsely populated
Monsters Inc./Monsters U.
animals have completely replaced humans as dominant species
now resemble monstrous creatures
energy crisis forces monsters to use machines to time travel to a point in time when humans existed to be used as a fuel source
love is used instead of fear
timeline ends as humans, animals and machines live in harmony.
look familiar?
but also...
after the events of
Monsters inc.
, Boo becomes obsessed with finding Sully.

She eventually discovers the science/magic that makes doors work.

She travels through several time periods until she ends up in the time of
at which point...
she discovers the will-o-wisps and becomes a powerful witch and even turns some people into bears as she is still obsessed with finding Sully
as evidenced by...
this carving in her wood shop
which brings us back to...

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