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Asian Paints - CRM Implementation

No description

Bilal Nazir

on 18 November 2015

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Transcript of Asian Paints - CRM Implementation

CRM Implementation
Bilal Nazir - 4343996
Khaled El Hakim - 3670585
Muhammad Manzoor - 4197493
Ubaid Ur Rehman - 4376868
Integration Dilemma
Management Commitment
Change Management
Customer focus Business Strategy
Company Information
Asian Paints Limited

Founded - 1942
Industry - Consumer Products
Revenue - US $1.1 billion
Employees - 5000+

Operations - 17 Countries
Manufacturing Facility - 25 plants
Consumer Service - 65 Countries
Forbes Fab 50 - 2011,2012,2013
Integration Dilemma
Change Management
Benefits of Implementation
Presented By:
Integrated SCM i2 with SAP ERP solution
Supplier Portal includes automated digital document exchange facility
Employee portal is already set up
Need for Integrating all stakeholders , suppliers, customers and employees.

Need to launch imaginative sales and marketing programs

Need for Information Gathering

... needed CRM software that would allow us to manage multiple engagements with customers and other stakeholders
-Deepak Bhosale, Cheif Manager IT
Integration a significant issue

CRM attempts to integrate customer information
Company Overview
Challenges & Strategies
Benefits of Implementation
Impact of Implementation
Lessons Learned

Technology Misfit
Focus as a technical imperative
SAP CRM Solution
Implementation Partner - Mahindra IT consulting & SAP Consulting
Chosen SAP CRM to integrate with SAP ERP to have full support from SAP

Phased approach implementation

Follow Best Practices provided by the solution provider

Thorough Integration Testing
Management Commitment
To match the pace of growth of our international business, our management is focused on enhancing the customer experience.
- K B S Anand, MD & CEO
Top management commitment is crucial

Linked to organizational culture

Gaining commitment from all levels of organization

Project visibility

No conflict of Interest

Strong Leadership
People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!
- Peter Senge

Need to be enforced

Respond to those most resisting

Reason - Fear of change

Job Insecurity

Customer Focused business strategy
...makes our customer aware that we value their business and understand their issues
Effective communication plan
Change management program
Employee consultancy
Comprehensive Training
- Deepak Bhosale, Chief Manager IT
Customer Loyalty

Customer Importance

Customer Value
Develop Relationship

Acquire Knowledge

Analyze the knowledge

Quality Service
Enhance customer satisfaction

Reduced IT Related Cost

Real Time Offer Management

Real Time access to customer information

Improve user productivity
Impact of Implementation
Reduced interval by 20% for lead management

Simplified interface yield enhanced customer interaction

Automated Reporting

Strengthen relationship with
business partners
Any Questions ?
Lessons Learned
Create clear CRM vision strategy

Understand process first,
technology second

Pay close attention to change
management issues

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Introduction- CRM
... system for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers

Customer Oreinted
Tracking Customer trends
Manages unpredictable growth and demand forecasting
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