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Hot Air Balloon Prezi

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Fides A:)

on 23 October 2014

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Transcript of Hot Air Balloon Prezi

The Hot Air Balloon
Presented By: Christabel Kartiyanta and Fides Arguelles
Socials 9 Block F with Ms. Shepherd
October 23, 2014
Thanks For Listening!
What It Is
When It Was Made
June 4, 1783
Where It Was Made
Annonay, France
Why It Was Made
The hot air balloon was made as an opening for new inventions and was one of the many great leaps in progress. This invention allowed us to see things we've never seen before and gave us a new perspective of seeing things. This same concept led to even greater inventions and without this invention, the idea of seeing at a bird's-eye view would be nearly impossible.
How This Invention Affected Society
The hot air balloon was used for aerial transportation and more importantly in wars. Balloons were very important during the civil war as they were used for signals, map-making, and mostly spying.
This invention was the first time mankind saw everything from a different perspective and offered more ideas for more inventions in the future.
Who Made It
bewef is the best and the clara is the claratechop poopcap
The hot air balloon was invented by Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier, two French pioneer developers and paper manufacturers. They discovered that when hot air is under a lightweight material such as paper, it will cause the material to float. They then expanded this idea and later demonstrated it to the public.
...before it was cool
The balloon itself was made out of silk and lined with paper. The brothers burned straw and wool to create hot air causing the balloon to float for at least ten minutes. The first demonstration was not manned so no basket was needed to hold passengers.
September 19, 1783
October 15, 1783
November 21, 1783
January 19, 1784
Lyon, France
-The first two people two man a flight were supposed to be condemned criminals
-One of the first pilots, was also the first person to die in a balloon making him also the first person to die in a balloon
-The tallest hot air balloon is an Energizer Bunny balloon, standing 166 feet high
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