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Two of Everything

No description

Megan Luna

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Two of Everything

Two of Everything
Mr. & Mrs. Haktak
The two main characters are Mr. Haktak and his wife Mrs. Haktak. Mr. Haktak works in the garden. Mrs. Haktak just stays home while her husband works in the garden. The Haktaks are very poor.
You tube Video
By: Lily Toy Hong
Made By:Megan Luna
Main Plot
Mr. Haktak and his wife Mrs. Haktak were very poor. Sometimes if the Haktaks had a little extra food, Mr. Haktak would take it to the village and trade it for clothing, lamp oil and fresh seeds.
One spring morning Mr. Haktak found a pot in the garden. He took the pot to Mrs. Haktak to see if she could use it to do anything. When Mr. Haktak got back to his wife,she wondered what he had. Mr. Haktak asked his wife if they could use the pot for anything.
Mrs. Haktak looked in the pot and her hairpin fell in, but when she pulled out her hairpin there was two. Her purse fell in the pot and when she pulled it out there were two purses with five coins in each purse. Mr. Haktak was so excited, he said "Let's put my winter coat in", and that is what they did. They pulled out two coats. They searched for things in the house. They put the ten coins they had and then had twenty coins.
The next day Mr. Haktak went to the village and had a long list of things they wanted to buy. That day Mrs. Haktak fell in the pot. Mr. Haktak pulled her out and the other Mrs. Haktak as well. Mrs. Haktak was mad because there were two wives but only one husband. Mr. Haktak tripped and fell into the pot himself head first ,and out came another Mr. Haktak. Mr. Haktak said "We will become the best of friends". The Haktaks did just that. They built two fine new homes. The homes were both the same. The neighbors thought the Haktaks had become so rich they had two of everything, including themselves.
I would recommend this book because it is interesting to me and it may be interesting to you too. I would also recommend this book because it is a fun book to read and you never know what the Haktaks are going to put into the pot next.
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