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Dana Galvan

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Timeline

History of Gaming

First Generation
Second Generation
Third Generation
Fourth Generation
Fifth Generation
Sixth Generation
Seventh Generation
First generation of consoles
began in 1972 with Magnavox
Odyssey (top-right) created by
Ralph Baer. There are an
approximate total of 10 games first available in Magnavox.
Characteristics in consoles of this generation include:
Entire game play field occupies only one screen
Players and objects consist of very basic lines, dots or blocks
Black and white (or limited colour) graphics
The Atari 2600 was the dominant console in this generation. It was introduced in 1977.
Characteristics this generation of consoles have:
ROM cartridges for storing games
Game playfields able to span multiple flip-screen areas
Blocky and simplistic-looking sprites
Basic color graphics
Refereed to as the 8-bit era
A shift in the dominance of home video games to Japan
The best-selling console in this generation was the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) that was released in 1983.
Characteristic of the consoles in this generation:
D-pad (control pad) game controllers.
Hardware scrolling
Detailed sprites
Enhanced color graphics
Referred as the 16-bit era
The rivalry of two consoles that dominated this era was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Mega Drive/ Sega Genesis (top to bottom), which were both released around 1990.
Characteristics that consoles had in this generation:
Multi-button controllers (up to 8 buttons)
Complex multi-layer scrolling backgrounds
Elaborate color
Stereo audio
Referred to as the 32-bit, 64-bit or 3d era
The first hand-held console was the Sega Nomad but was discontinued.
The development of the internet made it possible to store and download older games.
The most popular hand-held console was Nintendo's Game Boy Color which was released in 1998. But the consoles that truly dominated this generation was the Sega Saturn, Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64 (top to bottom).
Characteristics that distinguished this generation's consoles:
3D graphics
CD-ROM game storage
CD quality audio recordings (music and speech)
Early adaption of full motion video
Sometimes referred as the 128-bit era
The PlayStation 2 was released in 2000 and became the best-selling console in history. It has been recently discontinued in early 2013.
Nintendo GameCube followed the PlayStation 2 in the video game market.
Sixth Generation saw a move towards PC-like structures in gaming console and a direction towards the use of DVDs for game media.
Characteristics in this generation's consoles:
Multi-platform games started to become more common
Available access for online gaming
It was initially released in 2000 in Japan and then North America shortly after.
It’s cost launch was $299. In present day, it costs approximately US$299 to $199 and 155 million units have been sold worldwide.
Games were stored in DVD or CD.
There were roughly 3,870 games for this console. The highest selling game on PlayStation 2 was
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
which sold 20.81 million units.
Some of the popular games for this console were series of games from
Grand Theft Auto
Final Fantasy
Gran Turismo

The PS1 was first released in 1994 in Japan and then in 1995 in North America and Europe. The launch price in North America was US$299 and has currently sold 102.49 million units worldwide. The games played in the PS1 were stored in CD-ROMs. 1,300 games were roughly released for this console. The highest selling game on PS1 was
Gran Turismo
which sold 10.85 million games. Some of the popular games for this console were
Final Fantasy VII
Gran Turismo 2
Tekken 3

The Super Nintendo was first released in Japan in 1990, and then 1991 in North America. It was also release in Europe in 1992.
In Japan, it was released at the price of ¥25,000 (US$210) but it was sold cheaper in North America for US$199. The Nintendo sold 49.10 million units worldwide. It was popular due to it advanced graphics and sound capabilities compared with the other consoles present in that era. Some games included in this device were
Donkey Kong Country
Super Mario Kart
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Blu-ray Discs are now supported by popular consoles such as the PlayStation 3.
Portable gaming consoles such as the Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DSi have also risen in market
The first 3 video game consoles that were introduced in this generation was the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 Nintendo's Wii (top to bottom).
Characteristics in this generation of consoles:
supports wireless controllers
HD resolutions
Blu-ray Disc Players are installed in consoles
Some consoles feature a motion sensor so that the user can be the controller
Handheld consoles have a touch screen and the ability to connect wirelessly
Available backward compatibility
PlayStation 3 was first released in Japan in 2006 with an initially price of approximately US$499-599. It sold 80 million units as of November 2013.
Some popular games available in this console are
Gran Turismo 5
The Last of Us
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
PlayStation 3
PlayStation 2
Nintendo Super Famicon
Part C
Part B
Part A
Nintendo Entertainment System
The Super Nintendo was first released in Japan in 1990, and then 1991 in North America. It was also release in Europe in 1992. In Japan, it was released at the initial price of ¥25,000 (US$210) but it was sold cheaper in North America for US$199. The Nintendo sold 49.10 million units worldwide. It was popular due to it advanced graphics and sound capabilities compared with the other consoles present in that era. The Top 5 highest selling games in this console were Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter II: The World
Warrior, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the
Past and Donkey Kong’s Country 2: Diddy’s
Kong Quest. The Nintendo had a
controller that first had four buttons,
arrow keys and the select and start

The Magnavox Odyssey2 was released in the United States in 1978. It's initial cost was approximately $100 and has sold 2 million units. In total, around 70 games were available this console. You can easily identify games developed by Magnavox as their games are produced with an exclamation mark at the end of their game titles. Some games that were included in this console were
Attack of the Timelord!
K.C.'s Krazy Chase!
. Its peripheral devices
includes its two hard-wired
Magnavox Odyssey²
First sold in late 1974 or early 1975.
Manufactured by Henry’s which was a British retailer of television.
Game can be bought in store or sent by mail.
Predicted to have only sold less than 3000 products.
Having low sales means that it is possible that only a few thousand units were built.

Video Sport MK2
Xbox ONE
The WiiU was released in November and December 2012 in North America and then Japan. Its initial cost was US$299/¥26,250. As of June 30 2014, it has sold 6.68 million units worldwide. It was the first Nintendo console to support high-definition graphics. There are currently 87 games available for this console. The Top 5 highest selling games were New Super Mario Bros. U, Nintendo Land, Mario Kart 8, Super Mario 3D World and New Super Luigi U. The console has a few peripherals, including the new WiiU GamePad, Pro Controller, Wii Remote and nunchuck.
The PS4 was released in North America, Europe and Australia in 2013 and 2014 in Japan. It's initial price was US$399.99, €399.99 and £349.99. The console has sold 10 million units as of August 12, 2014. There are currently 346 games available for the PS4. Some games featured for the PS4 are Destiny, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes, Dragon Quest Heroes and LittleBigPlanet 3. The peripheral devices available for the PS4 are the Dualshock 4 (connects via Bluetooth), controller and a camera.
Xbox ONE was released in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand in 2013.
It's introductory price was US$499, €499, £429, ¥49,980 and CN¥3,699. As of December 31 2013 it has sold 3 million. There are currently 311 games available for this console. Some games available are Angry Birds Star Wars, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, Batman: Arkham Knight and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Some peripheral devices include the Kinect (motion sensory controller) and the hand-held controller.
Final Fantasy XV
Square Enix
Xbox One, PS4
Final Fantasy is an action role-playing video game. It receives a much more darker atmosphere and focuses to bring out the graphic capabilities of the consoles. This time around, the gameplay will be much heavier on the action with fast-paced sword and gunplay that hasn't been seen in the franchise before. The game will take place in a fantasy-infused version of modern times, replete with the aesthetic style fans of the series have come to expect.
Project Spark
Microsoft Studios
Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows 8
Project Spark hands players the tools to craft their own game with an incredible level of customization. Gamers will be able to use voice commands and Kinect motion controls to create an environment from the ground up and fill it with enemies, power-ups, landmarks, and anything else they want. It encourages players from all ages -- experienced and the non-experienced -- to be creative and create their own world.
The Order: 1886
Ready at Dawn
The Order: 1886, features and alternative Victorian London setting. You play as one of a group of long-lived knights—descendants of King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table—who lead humanity in an ongoing war against a group of half-men, half-beasts who have been wreaking havoc for centuries.
Kinect Sports Rivals
Xbox One
A type of game you boot up when friends and family come over. It looks like an upgrade of the Kinetic Sports, focusing more on the Kinect sensor and extra included games.
Supergiant Games
Transistor is a game of strategy, action, and RPG elements with a sci-fi storyline that centers on a female singer who comes into possession of an intelligent sword named Transistor in a world where numerous people have gone missing.
Watch Dogs
PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, WiiU
Watch Dogs is a brand-new open-world stealth action-adventure game. The game features its unique gameplay that combines traditional shooter mechanics with computer hacking.
The Witness
Number None
The Witness is a 3D puzzle game. The setting is played in an unknown island and players have to explore and solve challenges to unlock information and regions of the island. There will be clues about the overall story of the island and you will need to sort things out yourself.
Fable Legends
Xbox One
The fifth installation of the Fable Series. Fable Legends is a co-operative role-playing game which is set 400 years before the events of the first game. It reveals of a quest of an ancient artifact. The heroes are on a quest to locate this artifact.
Kingdom Hearts III
Square Enix
PS4, Xbox One
An upcoming 8th installment from the Kingdom Hearts series, it is an action role-playing game. It will serve as the final chapter of the "Dark Seeker" Saga of the story.
Xenoblade Chronicles X
Xenoblade Chronicles is an upcoming Japanese open world role-playing game which emphasises on exploration. You can choose to travel by foot or in large humanoid robots called Dolls that the player can control. Different dolls have different abilities.
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