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By Sophie Kavanagh

No description

on 24 August 2014

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Transcript of By Sophie Kavanagh

What It Is And How It Is Caused!
Land Degradation is the decline in the quality of the land. It means that the land is less able to produce crops, feed animals or renew its natural vegetation.

Land Degradation is caused by land clearing, agricultural activities, urban and tourist development, industrial and mining activities, logging, disposal of wastes and the introduction of feral animals and exotic plants.

Social Impacts!
It makes the land less appealing to humans and they will not be able to use it anymore and it will make them sad.
Economic Impacts!
To rebuild the lands it would costs lots of money that the government might not have and they might be able to rebuild all of the lands.
Environmental Impacts!
The lands would be destroyed and it would be very hard to rebuild them all especially if there were lots in one area.
How Individuals Can Manage Land Degradation!
They can look after their own garden and water all of their plants just the right amount and also maybe help out with community gardens if they don’t have a garden of their own.
How Groups Can Manage Land Degradation!
You could make a group organization that helps with land care and you could have a bunch of your friends come and help and they can all contribute to the care of the land.
How Government Can Manage Land Degradation!
They can help rebuild the land after it has been destroyed and they can have donations sent in so they can afford the cost of the rebuilding. They could also have rules or laws about when you can only build on certain amounts of land.
How Managing Land Degradation Would Promote Ecological Sustainability!
There would be laws or rules to keep areas in better conditions so that they could experience the same new lands that we have right now. Also so that the good and amazing lands we have will still be there for many more generations.
Land Degradation Is No More
By Sophie Kavanagh
Land Degradation
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