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MYP Teacher Workshop

No description

Natalie Martino

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of MYP Teacher Workshop

Timeline 2014 2010 2011 2012 2013 Numbers 0 + - = 9 8 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 c Subject Changes IN 2014 Humanities: will change to, "Individuals and Societies."

Language B: will change to, "Language Acquisition."

Language A: will change to, " Language and Literature."

Sciences: Key concepts - change, relationship, systems, balance, form, function, interaction, models, patterns, transformation.

P.E: Key Concepts - change, relationships, communication, adaptation, balance, choice, energy, function, movement, space.

Work Session Goals 1. Complete one "great" unit plan with all 3
stages accurately completed.

2. Design complimentary assessment and
rubric according to subject descriptors.

3. Once complete work on creating a
"great" S2 unit plan. MYP curriculum review follows a 7 year

Year 1: Investigation

Year 2-4: Curriculum Review Meetings
at the IB Global Center in The Hague

Year 5-7: Implementation in the schools
before the cycle begins again. MYP Schools MYP Only: 464
MYP/DP: 223
Moderation: process of eliminating extremes; used to ensure normality throughout the medium. myp: The Next Chapter Starts in 2014
New guides will be published (all 8).
Hope is to align more closely with DP.
AOI'S to be replaced with Global Concepts.
Key and related concepts will be added.
Transition period allowed. MYP Updates/Teacher Work Session Five student folders Requirements for Professional Development At least one teacher per revised guide per subject group must participate in an IB workshop.
At all times at least one teacher per subject group must have been trained in an IB category 1 or 2 workshop. 979 IB schools offering the MYP in 75 countries. Curriculum Cycle The Next Chapter changes entire cycle. After new guides are introduced in 2014 subject groups will be synchronized with the DP curriculum review cycle. Piloted in 35 countries on 3 continents Personal Project New section called, "The MYP
Collaborative Project."

Involves schools who use the
3 working IB languages: English,
French, and Spanish.

Pre-published guide will be avail-
able on the OCC in Nov.2013. Certified MYP school
Given 3-year implementation
period Year 3
Grading w/Criteria
Giving MYP grades
Solidifying units
1st year of P.Project Year 4

Begin collecting work samples
for moderation.

Collect and send in over time
period of 16 months. subject guides advise sending 4-8 folders of student work for each subject. These
guides were written prior to the decision to request 5 folders. The sample for each subject must comprise of folders of work for five students. Teachers are requested to include folders from:
3 students whose work represent a spread around the average ability within the school for the subject

1 student whose work is comparatively good

1 student whose work in comparatively weak. Moderator Recruitment Looking to recruit monitors for all subjects.
Unique professional development opportunity.
Mentor-led online training w/senior moderators.
Paid a fee for each sample moderated.
Moderators review materials from other schools; can see different methods used in other countries etc.
www.ibo.org/informationfor/examiners/mypmoderators (Preparation for moderation process)
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