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Marlene M

on 15 April 2013

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By: Marlene Mai Burger King 2. Types of products and services offered Bibliography 1. History/Background of your company Products:
Hamburgers, chicken burgers,
french fries, soft drinks, milkshakes,
salads, desserts, breakfast etc. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burger_King
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendy's 4. Price of products and other similar products Average price for a sandwich $2.67 (before taxes)
Average price for a value meal $4.33 (before taxes)
Average price for side items $2.40 (before taxes)
Average price for breakfast $1.53 (before taxes)
Average price for beverages $1.21 (before taxes)
Average price for treats $0.99 (before taxes)
Average price for daily deals $1.99 (before taxes) 3. Who buys the products and what features and characteristics do they have? The Consumers: Seniors, Adults, Teens and Kids 5. Find out information on the financial position of Burger King Revenue US$1.97 billion (2012)
Operating income US$363.0 million (2012)
Net income US$117.7 million (2012)
Total assets US$5.564 billion (2012)
Total equity US$1.175 billion (2012) Demographics: Burger King is a world wide franchise. Burger King products are Consumed all over the world. Market
capitalization 6.49B Strengths:
Good Brand name, Good ethics, Good food, Good services, Affordable prices, "Fire grilled beef", Variety of meats on the menu and Known worldwide!
Greasy/Oily, Unhealthy, Fattening
New product promotions, daily deals, gift cards
McDonalds, A&W, Wendy's SWOT Burger King in Korea One of the first designs for Burger King Burger King's signature burger "Whopper" Burger King's mascot "King" Whopper Value Meal $3.99 (before tax) 6.How do they advertise the product? How do competitors advertise their product? Burger king advertises through:
Television, internet, billboards and posters, Burger King owns about 3.2% of fast food breakfast Co-Founders of Insta-Burger King: Kieth J. Kramer and Matthew Burns
Co-Founders of current Burger King: David Edgerton and James McLamore
The predecessor to Burger King was founded in 1953 in Jacksonville, Florida, as Insta-Burger King.
The Current Burger King was founded 1954 in Miami, Florida David Edgerton and James McLamore
"founders" of Burger King The revamped Insta-Broiler
called the "Flame Broiler" Services:
Delivery, drive thru, take out,
play places & dine-in, Take-out at BK French Fries Onion Rings Sundaes Fast food Global sales in 2010 Competitors advertise Burger King's product negatively. Similar to Burger King, McDonalds and Wendy's also advertise through media. (Billboards, television, coupons..etc.) A print advertisement. McDonalds'
Mascot goes to Burger King 6. How do they advertise the product? How to competitors advertise their product? McDonalds' advertises through the internet, television, billboards, posters, incentives, print ads and coupons. McDonalds really advertises it's own products and company, it doesn't advertise it's competitors in any way. Competitors like Burger King, Wendy's and A&W advertises through many medias. (television, billboards etc.) 2. Products and services offered Products:
hamburgers, chicken burgers, french fries, soft drinks, coffee, milkshakes, salads, desserts, breakfast Services:
Dine-in, Take out, Drive through,
Play place & Wifi. Angus Third Pounder Ice Coffee French Fries Drive thru Dine-in FAST FOOD Overall average cost at Burger King $2.16 A&W By: Angela Mangila Strength:
Good reputation, Root beer, strong advertising,Variants, Legacy, High quality food
Not popular in a lot of continents, Sensitivity to market fluctuation
healthier choices, international expansion and growth, brand units appeal more customers
competitors & menu appeal SWOT
A&W began in June 1919
First A&W: 13 Pine Street Lodi, California
A&W's Founder: Frank Wright & Roy Allen
In 1921, Allen began franchising the drink. 1. history/ background of A&W Types of Products:
Burgers, Root beers, Hot dogs, Sundaes, Fries, Onion rings

Services offered:
Quick Service Restaurants or QSR is the largest and it’s growing.
Food Products: Hamburgers and chicken 2. Types of products and services offered A&W is quite popular in North America
Targeted toward the baby boomer generation
A&W attracts 28% customers Market share 3.Who buys the product and what features and characteristics do they have? 4. Price of product and other similar products Burger cost $4.29 and up
Chicken cost $4.89 and up
Drinks like root beer cost $ 3.59 and up
Dessert like sundaes cost $2.69 and up
Sides like fries cost $1.69 and up • Sales during 1992 -2001
• Since 1992, A&w store sales have been rising
• A&W sales has grown approximately 4% to 8%
• Recent revenue is 11.7 cents per trust unit. 5. Information on the financial position of A&W Giving out coupons
Television advertising campaign
They used advertisement to promote their new product in order for people to try and buy it.
They made a trademark by having a theme of a tuba driven jingle entitle “Ba-Dum, B-Dum" 6. How do they advertise the product? How do the competitors advertise their product? A&W's Mascot Let's all go to A&W jingle (1960s) Commercial for the mama burger Swot 1. History/ background of McDonalds 3. Who buys the product and what features and characteristics do they have ? 4. Price of product and other similar products 5. Information on the financial position of McDonalds Iced coffee Drive thru How did it get created?
In the year 1937
In California, US
Two brothers, Richard and Maurice McDonald in California.
Ray Kroc the founder of the company
Deal with the McDonald brothers in 1954 Prices then:
Hamburgers were ten cents
All-you-can drink orange juice

Prices now:
Burgers & Sandwiches cost $2.99+ CAD
Breakfast cost $1.39+ CAD
Salads cost $3.00+ CAD
Beverages cost $1.39+ CAD
Desserts & Shakes cost $1.39+ CAD McDonalds' revenue (as of 2012) in US is $27.56 billion Demographic of consumers:
McDonalds is globally spread
Varies in age, religion, culture and ethnicity.

Market share:
As of May of 2012, McDonalds owns 17% of the restaurant industry in the US.
McDonalds and Burger King have 94% of the burger market between them. Swot Strengths:
Good reputation, voted one of USA's best burgers, family atmosphere inside the restaurant.
Competing with McDonalds, no signature sandwich
Create a signature burger/sandwich.
A&W, McDonalds, Burger King Founded by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969 in Columbus, Ohio.
Wendy’s “old fashioned” hamburgers was inspired by Dave’s trips to Kewpee.
Dave named the restaurant after one of his daughters.
First fast-food chain to introduce the salad bar. 1. How did it get created? Who founded the company? Products:
Offers two different
hamburger patties.
4 kinds of chicken sandwiches.
Breakfast menu.
General items are offered
Baconator. 2.Types of products and services offered Products Services:
Most Wendy’s have
drive thru. Demographics:

Wendy’s Age breakdown:
Age % Index
50+...........25.1..........70 Regions with Wendy franchises:
East Central.......19.0
West Central.......17.9
Other.......3.1 Wendy's market share is 12.8% 3. Who buys the products and what features and characteristics do they have? 4. Price of the product and other similar products The average cost at Wendy's is about $4.30 to $7 6. How do they advertise the product? How do the competitors advertise their product? Commercials, internet,
slogans and posters. Strength:
Strong brand name, image and reputation, Large market share, Specialized training for managers, Introduction of new production, Good marketing strategies McDonalds By: Marlene, Angela and Maria By: Marlene, Angela & Maria Thank you for your attention! Wendy's By: Maria Castellano Dave Thomas Combo at Wendy's Burger industry 5. Information on the financial position of Wendy's Wendy's Revenue:
Us $2.431 billion Wendy advertises through: Weakness:
Unhealthy food image, High employee turnover rate, Dissatisfied Franchisees, Health issues Opportunities:
Appearance of freebies and discounts, Low cost menu is preferred by large number of customers Threats:
Competitors, Public health crisis, Employee Discount Cards! Maurice McDonald Richard McDonald Joe and Nick Jonas Eat McDonalds Average Prices: Market Share: 2% Kid's Meal Cross promotions with: MTV, AOL, Direct TV Burger king "play place" After researching about McDonald's, A&W, Burger King and Wendy's we noticed the pattern between the services/products offered by each company and their market share as well as their revenue. In Conclusion A&W items are presentable & convenient. Services of A&W is appreciated well Characteristics: Warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere.
Food is presentable, affordable, and convenient. .
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