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My favorite hobbies

No description

Melony Frock

on 30 May 2010

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Transcript of My favorite hobbies

My Favorite Hobbies!! One of my most favorite hobbies is to run. I love to do track However my favorite is long jump! One of my most favorite hobbies is to run! I go for 7 mile jogs, Runnig is in my family My dad also helped win a track trophy for LHS! I also have plains to do cross country this year, and next year i hope to do track and field!! Runnig will aslo get you in sahpe. I like to hurdle. I belive running is fun, and it is one of my favorite things to do!! Volleyball! Volleyball is another thing i enjoy doing ! Volleyball is an olympic game, of six players
on a team seperated by a net. BEACH VOLLEYBALL William Morgan invented volleyball in 1895, at YMCA( Young Men's Christian Association). Instructer Frock Martial Arts Sun moo kwan is fun and it helps protect you from creepers. Just some of the students that atend Peacefuldragon1 717-451-8460 Hapkido is energetic, there are many manovers to learn, such as kicks and punches. You have a good time while learnig how to defend. This is another hobbie/sport i love to do and most favorite.
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