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Biser Valov

on 30 March 2010

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Transcript of Blogs

What is a Blog? Blog What a blog can have ? Text
Audio files
Power point presentations
links to other blogs and web pages
What a blog looks like? Recent statistics on blogs... 217 012 482 (approx.) Blogs existed around June 2009
434% more "Google" indexed pages for companies that blog
55% more website visitors for companies that blog
more than 3000 bulgarian blogs
3 big online blog feeds in Bulgaria - Blogosphere, Megafon, TopBlogLog
Examples... http://eenk.com/ - photo blog
http://www.novavizia.com/ - blog sait
http://yurukov.net/blog/ - personal blog
http://www.fibank.bg/blog/ - corporate blog Why are blogs so important? 1. A huge percentage of people read them: even the mainstream media is getting their info from blogs and micro-blogs these days. Citizen journalists are outdoing their professional counter parts with coverage sometimes. 2. Niche conversations can run deep on blogs. 3. Everyone has a voice on a blog. There is probably a conversation happening about you. If there is not, there will be soon. 4. Strangers are more trusted especially when it comes to objectivity. When people are searching online – google, youtube, facebook, or twitter – the objective opinion of a stranger can carry a lot of weight. 5. Word of mouth works. Blogs are word of mouth marketing. 6. Google likes blogs. 7. Blogs have audiences. Whether its regular readers that visit the blog or subscribe via email and RSS. 8. Rich content is supported so you can have text, photos, video and music along with sharing capabilities. So what is blog marketing ? You create a blog to get your message out
You use your blog to promote your brand, share content and make connections
You distribute your blog "virally" over the internet
List or post your blog, creating links back to your site
You can earn passive income from your blog Blogging is easy and it's free !!! Blogspot

http://wordpress.com/ Thank you !!! According to wobopedia - A blog is basically a web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual.

A person who writes/author blogs is called "Blogger"
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