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The Battle of Midway

No description

myles white

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of The Battle of Midway

Japan wanted control over all surrounding lands
Pacific Ocean
Battle of midway started by Japanese trying to take over the island of midway U.S. aircraft carriers to the island so they could be eliminated
Plan was to lure the U.S. to the island of Midway and ambush them
The Americans strike back making it one of the many battles in the Pacific war
The Agaki (left) was Japanese Flagship or aircraft carrier also known for sending ships off to attack Pearl Harbor
One of the four carriers of the IJN that were destroyed along with the Hiyru, Soyru and the Kaga
many other ships like this were used to send off fighter planes like the S-9 (right)
Background on Pacific War
Battle of Midway
Battle of midway Commanders
Japanese Commanders
U.S. Commanders
Isoroku Yamamoto
Nobutake Kondo
Chūichi Nagumo
Tamon Yamaguchi †
Ryusaku Yanagimoto †
Chester W. Nimitz
Frank J. Fletcher
Raymond A. Spruance
Battle of Midway Order of Battle
United States
3 carriers
~25 support ships
233 carrier aircraft
127 land-based aircraft

4 carriers
2 battleships
~15 support ships (heavy and light cruisers, destroyers),
248 carrier aircraft, 16 floatplanes

Japanese Ships that did not participate in the battle:
2 light carriers
5 battleships
~41 support ships (Yamamoto “Main Body”, Kondo “Strike Force” plus “Escort” and “Occupation Support Force”)
What actually happened
Japan's plan
1 carrier sunk
1 destroyers sunk
150 aircraft destroyed
307 killed

4 carriers sunk
1 cruiser sunk
248 carrier aircrafts destroyed
3,057 killed
Battle of Midway Casualties
Japan wanted to take over the whole Pacific, and to do that they had to eliminate the U.S out of the picture. So similar to Pearl Harbor they planned to attack Midway. Another win for Japan would show the power they had in the Greater Asian Co-Prosperity sphere and if they beat the U.S. again it would it would make the U.S seek peace.
U.S. Cryptologists assessed the time and Location of the attack
This gave the U.S. navy a chance to plan an attack of their own
Important Facts On the Battle of Midway
The Basics
Most important battle of the Pacific War in WWII
June 4-7, 1942
About six months after Pearl Habor
U.S. navy defeated Imperial navy to the point where they could not recover
This Means War!!
U.S. side
Japan side
U.S. attacks first on June 4th when four PBY's ambush the Japanese aircraft carriers at night
One of the carriers torpedoed the Japanese fleet tanker, Akebono Maru
Japan sent bomber torpedo planes backed up by fighter planes to attack the island
Japanese repeatedly attack the U.S. aircraft base
U.S. B-17's attack the Japanese fleet
American Douglas torpedo bombers from VT 3, 6 and 8 attack japanese carriers
Little Known Fact
SS-168 (Nautilus) tried to torpedo the Kaga, but the torpedo would not explode?!
Interesting Fact!
In the same morning the Japanese carrier, Hiryu launched five dive bombers to hit the U.S. carrier Yorktown which disabled it
Japanese Attack the badly damaged Yorktown for a second time forcing people to abandon ship
Little known Fact
U.S. dive bombers counter attack by mortally wounding Hiyru
Dive Bombers, Enterprise and Hornet sank Cruise Bomber Mikuma and damage Asashio, Arashio and fellow cruiser Mogami
The U.S. Wins!!
The Conclusion
The U.S. Navy defeated the Japanese imperial Navy lost four aircraft carriers which also had been used in the attack on Pearl Harbor compared to the U.S. only losing one. 100 Japanese Pilots were lost this battle and were not reaplacable
The Enterprise
Hornet Aircraft carrier
Japan Suffers
The Effects of War
The Japanese suffered grossly in the Battle of Midway
After this battle Japan was on the defensive
Plans to take over neighboring islands like Samoa and Fiji failed
The U.S. and its allies put Japan on the defensive
The Battle of Midway
by Myles White
U.S attacks Japanese carrier
Kaga dive bombed, catches fire
Hiyru bombs Yorktown forcing them to abandon ship
Douglas torpedo bombers attack japanese carriers but almost get shot down
Yorktown wrecked the Japanese carriers Soryu and Kaga
Japanese Navy wrecked to the point of no recovery
June 4-7, 1942
The Climax of the
Pacific war
Weapons of Mass Destruction
This Battle was fought on an island in the middle of a vast ocean so it was United States Navy vs. Imperial Japanese Navy. Various machines like Battle ships, Dive Bombers and Torpedo Bomber
Aircraft Carriers
USN Yorktown class
HIJMS Akagi, Kaga
HIJMS Sry, Hiryu
IJN Kongō class
Heavy Cruisers
USN Northampton class
USN Portland class
Pensacola class
USN New Orleans class
IJN Mogami class
IJN Tone class
IJN Kaidai VI class
USN Narwhal class
IJN Ygumo class
IJN Kager class
IJN Asashio class
USN Farragut class
USN Porter class
USN Gridley class
USN Benham class
USN Sims class
Light Cruisers
USN Atlanta class
IJN Nagara class
Carrier Fighters
Brewster F2A Buffalo
Grumman F4F Wildcat
Mitsubishi Type 0 A6M
Vought SB2U Vindicator
Douglas SBD Dauntless
Aichi Type 99 D3A
Douglas TBD Devastator
Grumman TBF Avenger
Nakajima Type 97
Carrier Torpedo Bombers
Carrier Dive Bombers
H.I.J.M.S. His Imperial Japanese Majesty's Ship
The End
United States
The Hiyru
June 4, 1942
Nagumo launches 108 planes to attack midway island and scouts to find American fleet
Yorktown launches attack but no hits
Akagi and Soryu both hit twice
Nagumo and staff abandon ship and transfer to Nagaro
Hiryu catches fire previous day and sinks
B-17s hit enemy cruisers
Enterprise and Hornet attack enemy cruiser
B-17s go scouting for enemy cruisers
Hornet lanuches 26 dive bombers
Strike force attacks cruisers and destroyers
Enterprise launches 34 strike aircraft at enemy cruiser
Enterprise attack Mogami and Mikuma which later sink
Japanese submarine I-168 sinks Yorktown
June 7
June 6
June 5
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