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Video-Game Violence

No description

Madison Prough

on 16 December 2013

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Transcript of Video-Game Violence

People also say that school shootings are linked to the playing of violent video games.
Video-Game Violence

By: Madison Prough
Some people say that violent video games are the cause of violent behavior.

One reason people say video games cause violence is because in 2008 61% of boys in middle school that have beat someone up played a Mature-rated video game, compared to 39% of boys who did not play those games.

An actual link between violent behavior and violence in video games has not been found. Most studies lack reliable measures of violence, and the studies do not follow the children over long periods of time.

Also, children have the knowledge to separate video game fantasy from real life.
In 2004 the U.S. Secret Service reviewed previous school attacks and found that only one-eighth of attackers had an interest in violent video games, movies, and books. The Secret Service report found no link between the playing of violent video games and school shootings.
Violent video games are not the cause of violent behavior because between 1995 and 2008 the rate of juvenile murders went down about 72%, while during this time period the popularity of violent video games was increasing.
While violent video games were increasing in popularity, the arrests for violence behavior decreased.
Ever since human kind has existed, crimes have been committed; however, there were no violent video games to teach children violent acts until very recently.

The violent video games today are not the cause of children's violent behaviors. It can effect the type of violence, but not create the violence in the kids themselves. Children who play violent video games are capable of telling video game fantasy apart from real life.
A violent first-person shooter game was released in 2002 to recruit soldiers and prepare them for battle, and it is said that first person shooter games teach children acts of violence. However, millions
of children play violent first-person shooter video games, yet there are not millions of children going out and shooting people in real life.
Violent video games can have a script to respond violently in a situation, which may lead to having violent behavior triggered in everyday things. The children will commit a crime from learning these behaviors in the video game.

Another reason people believe violent video games are the cause of violence is because video games encourage acts of violent behavior by rewarding the player for simulating violence.
Are video games truly the
cause of violence?
This effects today's youth and future youth.
Others say video games do not cause violence.
Pictures from:
Game Fly
Violent Youth Video Games
Imformation and Facts from:
Do Violent Video Games Contribute To Youth Violence?
In 2005 there were 2,279
teenage homicides in the U.S.
compared to only 73 in Japan. At

between violent video games and homicides.
the same time, per capita video game
sales in the U.S. were only $5.20 while
Japan's was $47. If video games were the cause of violence, the number of teenage homicides in Japan would be more than
U.S., but it's not. There is no correlation
Hour 7
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