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America Before Columbus

No description

Kelly Kirk

on 25 August 2014

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Transcript of America Before Columbus

America Before Columbus
Pre-Columbian Civilizations
-Spoke over 2200 languages
-Strong oral traditions
Origin Possibilities
-Elaborate architecture, stable, permanent
societies, strong governments

-Changed environment through burns, cultivation

-Stability through agricultural practices- Helps create governments, strong communities

-Collision of Cultures

-Blend of three Continents:
Asia, Europe, and Africa
Or, How People Got Here
Beringia/Bering Strait
-Land Bridge
-Humans followed herds in small groups
-Human settlement in North America by
13500 BP
Diversity: Approximately 7 to 10 million people lived north of Mexico.
Diverse Region
500+ tribes, 90+ languages
Hunter- Gatherer
Extremely Artistic
Pacific Cast Cultures
Ceremonial Mask
Southwestern Cultures
Technological advances for architecture
Successful agriculture provided stability
Reliance on irrigation- Dependent on nature to provide
Agriculture heavily reliant on irrigation to grow corn
Woodland Cultures/Mississippian
-Burial Mounds
Largest City of North Mexico at 20,000 residents
Built Monk's Mount
What do these mounds tell us about Woodland cultures?
Eastern Woodland-Includes Iroquois
Great Lakes, Northern New England Area
Supplemented farming with hunting and fishing
Woodland/Eastern Woodland
Woodland/Burial Mound/Mississippian Cultures reliant on ''Three Sisters''- Squash, Beans, Maize
Southeast Woodlands
Descendants of Cahokia-Cherokee/Creeks
Built Mounds
Great Plains
Reliance on Buffalo
Vore Buffalo Jump
Great Basin
Rely on finding plants to supplement diet
Important to Remember
As soon as they cleared land for farming or hunted certain species, first migrants changed landscape
Cultures had already grown, changed, and dissapeared
By the time of European contact, Native Americans had been living in N. American for 10,00 years
Population had dwindled, continental trade system established
Hard to Glimpse Pre-Columbian Cultures
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