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Elements of the coffee culture in Bulgaria

No description

Silvana Milenova

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Elements of the coffee culture in Bulgaria

22 semi-structured interviews,
online survey - 402 respondents,
32 questions - closed and multiple choice,
18 brands available on the Bulgarian market,
Internet materials;
active users,
22 participants - 11 women and 11 men,
age: 25-45 years,
residency - the vast majority of the people interviewed are residents of the capital,
active users,
66% women,
34% of men,
78% obtained higher education,
75% - residents of the capital,
53% - 25-35 years,
65% - occupying executive or mid-level management positions;

The Perfect Coffee
The Preferred Coffee
Instant coffee – volume of sales for 2012 - 8% increase, value of sales 40%, 44% of the households in Bulgaria are mainly buying instant coffee brands;
Roast coffee – the champion in sales volume – 73%, champion in value – 60%;
Coffee mixes – with rising market penetration and big rise in market value – 40%, coffee mixes have sales volume rise of 17% for 2012;

Market Trends
Espresso machines
(automated machines) are replacing the coffee pods in use;
The Turkish coffee
remains a strong habit in the consumers` minds;
Bulk coffee
shows reduced sales volumes and lower demand from the consumers;
Instant coffee
is increasing its market share and is becoming more popular;
Capsulated coffee
(mono doses) are taking over the filtered coffee;
Capsulated coffee
The machines used for preparing the coffee are user-friendly, easy to maintain and easy to clean;
Small design and trendy style;
The capsules are easy to use, no dosing or cleaning;

New Trend in Coffee Making
THE PERFECT MORNING: Wake up, take a shower, have a coffee and off you go
Where Bulgarians drink coffee?

Common Myths and Believes

children under 15 should not drink coffee;
long coffee( known also as American coffee) is not harmful;
52% of the respondents don’t agree with the statement that coffee is not waking up;
42% of the respondents believe that decaf coffee is worthless;
Coffee Classification
Users classify coffee brands primarily by:
for home use or in coffeehouse consumption,
instant coffee or coffee beans;

Higher Price = Better Quality?
Top Brands - Price

Nova Brazilia

Top Brands - Quality


Top Brands - Aroma
Brands - Interesting Facts

Young People and Coffee
Coffee Brands and Classes
Nova Brazilia
the only local brand,
well-advertised and well-known (22 years on the market),
good trade items – variations under the main brand that serve various consumer groups,

BUT controversial image
Elements of Coffee
Culture in Bulgaria

Unlike alcohol beverages there is no social stratification in coffee drinking;
There is no particular brand preferred by any class;
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