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Students as Teachers

No description

Jennifer Faulkner

on 6 November 2015

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Transcript of Students as Teachers

Please take 3 minutes to write a paragraph outlining the following:
What is your most favourite memory of learning?
It could be you as a student or an experience you had with a student and their learning.
Students individually, in pairs, and then groups of four used the Overall Expectations to brainstorm ideas around the unit (in this case the Light and Geometric Optics unit of SNC2D). They considered the following questions:
What do I know? What do I think I know? How do I know this?
What are the main ideas of overall expectations?
What are the points of interest that they bring to mind?
What questions do I have about these ideas and this unit?
How could I learn about these things?
Students as Teachers
Group Proposal and Consultation
Student groups work together to build an idea/Concept proposal on their top question or concept. The proposal outlined the general topic/issue, specific expectations that would be demonstrated by sharing this concept, activities that apply to these expectations.
Student groups meet with me to discuss proposal and group process to date. Formative assessment of progress and project ideas was given. Discussion of next steps to fine tune ideas and help create their lesson for sharing.
Sharing, Reflection and Discussion
Minds On....
Overall Expectation Brainstorming
Specific Expectation Brainstorming
Students are given the overall and specific expectations of the unit. They are asked to work in groups of four to further flesh out their thoughts.
By the end of this unit I will be able to….
How will I be able to demonstrate this
idea / concept?
How could this idea / concept be assessed?
Lesson Creation
Lesson Sharing
: Each group of students created and implemented their day of learning for their fellow students.
Reflection and Discussion:
Reflection for the students started as they began their learning experience.
Mid-Process Reflection - personal 'check in'
Post Lesson reflections - used to promote reflective discussions for the class in small student lead groups.
Power in the learning was demonstrated as classmates discussed lesson pieces, their learning and what else they needed to understanding.
All visible to the class through the class forums.
Mid-Process Reflection

Students were asked to make a Glogster of their key learning from each learning day... Why was this learning the essential learning for the day? They captured the learning in text, picture, video and audio.
Students also wrote a test.... they seemed to need one to validate that they had learned from their peers...
Enduring Learnings
Test Reflections
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