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eCommerce Workshop

No description

Chris Elliott

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of eCommerce Workshop

What is eCommerce?
By definition e-commerce refers to businesses and consumers buying and selling products online. The majority of e-commerce websites on the internet are retail stores selling products directly to the public. However there are also a proportion of online stores dedicated to business-to-business (B2B) sales or wholesale activity.

E-commerce does not only refer to the selling of physical products, it can also refer to the selling of services where payments for the services are made online. As a general rule an e-commerce website is a website where a transfer of funds is completed electronically - hence e-commerce.
eCommerce Workshop

The Central Highlands Digital Enterprise (DigiBiz) project is an initiative of Centre for eCommerce & Communications at Federation University Australia.

Supported by Local & State Govt.
Principally funded through Dept. of Communications

Conversion Optimisation
Create different versions of your page/product page/checkout process etc.
Enhancing Images
Off-site payment gateway
Free to set-up
Using Google Analytics to achieve an understanding of how your 'customers' interact with your website
Generating Leads - Social Media
Your aim is to entertain and inform your target audience.
DigiBiz provides FREE workshops, mentoring, and events that promote the use of broadband technology.
Learning Outcomes
At the end of this workshop you will:

Have an understanding of how leads are generated through social media channels.
Understand the importance of SEO in eCommerce.
Have an understanding of 'Conversion Marketing/Optimisation through split testing.
Implement PayPal with your website.
Discover ways to enhance images for eCommerce.
Benefits of Broadband Technology
Opportunity & Potential of Broadband Technology
Enhanced productivity and global competitiveness
Transformative –TeleHealth- Education -Services- Precision Ag

Broadband Benefits
Booming demand for data
International competitiveness
Productivity & Business Efficiencies

Enabling a more inclusive Australia
Busting the ‘tyranny of distance’ for rural and regional Australia-
Social Media -source of venture capital-reducing social isolation

Broadband Availability

Source: NetRegistry
Popular Platforms - CMS
Business Catalyst
Big Commerce
More Information & Resources
A Competitive Region
...the existing level of profitability cannot be guaranteed by simply maintaining past practices.
How can people find your products & services if the web pages they ‘live’ on are not being indexed by Google the way
Search Engine Optimisation
1. Page Title
2. Meta Description
Understanding SEO
Relevant information
No dirty tricks!
Think about possible search terms
Unique for each page/product/blog...
No sales-speak
Unless providing offers - give, give & give!
Include your logo in your images
Images engage customers more than plain text or links
Check out Web Quacker for great Australian insights -
Monitor Conversation
Schedule posts in the evening and weekends where possible
You can use Google Analytics to determine the most common times of your social visitors (social referrals)

Platforms like Hootsuite provide auto-scheduling, posting when your 'fans' are most likely to be online
Extend & convert with email
Use a popular email marketing platform

When providing offers or promoting events, capture email details
Don't just send to your entire list, segment well!
Dr Peter Brain
Executive Director
National Institute of Economic & Industrial Research
IBM SmarterPLanet ANZ
Although Central Highlands digital literacy is low, programs like DigiBiz are helping.
There are 5.5 million active Australian PayPal accounts.
2.4% + $0.30 per transaction
Paying with credit card
Hosted platforms are easy to set up and hassle-free
Join the Digital Revolution

DigiBiz activities are funded by the Australian Government’s
Digital Enterprise program & supported by State and Local Government

to register for Workshops & Mentoring

Online Resources for Business:

Created using Pixlr for iPad
Created using Adobe Photoshop
Optimising Facebook Posts
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