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2nd Amendment PI Presentation

PI presentation for school, hope you like it. Enjoy!

James Alley

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of 2nd Amendment PI Presentation

People know less about guns
than they think We all know the story of the USA This amendment played a huge part in the ratification of the constitution.
It still is very important, Thomas Jefferson said "It [2nd amendment] will not be useful until they try to take it away. The amendment acts as a shield or defense against tyranny. It allows us to take up arms, against an unjust government. To fight for our freedom so we don't remake past mistakes. Although we have the amendment
It is limited I don't mean to hate on all of the limitations of the amendment, I mean what good use would a civilian have an AK-47 with an extended clip for? Things like that are helpful to the amendment and don't infringe it. There are unjust laws coming up in different places. In Morton Grove a city on the east coast banned ALL firearms, well that raised alarms. The whole time that law was in effect had negative effects on the city, crime rates INCREASED. If people know you have a gun, they normally won't think twice about staying away from you or your family. Guns don't hurt they help Guns normally get blamed for all the crimes committed with them.
Think about it, do drugs overdose? Do cars cause accidents? Does alcohol get drunk? No, not even in the slightest. What makes guns different from all the above? All of the above can be lethal also. All of the above can get someone else killed. All of them are punishable by law. The second amendment lets us have
guns right?
Well it's more complex than that. It's frequently misused and guns get blamed. We the people, are exposed to gun violence everyday. It's our fault people murder and kill. Frankly gun control can't work either. And first off the second amendment isn't even ours to begin with! Sadly books can be no better And the worst of them all
Video Games Let's take a look at movies and television shows Can't deal with it? Society has guns everywhere Movies, books and video games
When you think about it how much are you exposed to gun violence? Anyone catch that new movie
A Good Day to Die Hard?
Guns, Guns and more Guns everywhere How about Olympus Has Fallen?
Terrorists, Missiles, and Guns Any one read the hunger games?
How about any Military books at all?
All of these are bloody, gory and violent.
Not that this is bad, but it can be.
This can can influence insane people to do
crazy things like murder with a gun. Games like Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Mass effect, Army of Two, Grand Theft Auto, all get that Rated M for mature sticker on the cover. Well sadly that won't stop most kids under 18 from getting their hands on a copy. This can be a huge influence for people I mean all you do is shoot, shoot, shoot and win the game. This is where it gets very scary Now it escalates again But it is only a
temporary solution Gun control is a solution, imagine Gun Control was passed Sure it seems well, all they do is take all of the guns, it
stops gun violence all together, and Nationwide peace from guns. Nothing can go wrong. Right. Right? Look, now our americans are
still holding on to their guns.
They can't decrease production
enough, and there are way too many guns. Guns function 100 years after they're made it might take that long to have this in full effect! They finally banned guns, and they are all gone from America, but this is the same mistake they made in the past. Remember when they banned alcohol? America is rapidly becoming more violent and angry with no guns and bodybuilder criminals are unable to be stopped Criminals who don't obey laws anyway, are smuggling in guns from foreign countries. With unstoppable force, they can terrorize anyone. Okay you can stop pretending now,
this is why gun control, cannot work. It gives us
a huge disadvantage against crime. Insane killers Good people Great people Neutral people With work we can end like this So do your part People like Adam Lanza the newtown shooter Those who obey the law and demonstrate their understanding and rights at shooting ranges People who know and understand their rights, but choose not to demonstrate them People who decide not to get involved You may be underage, but you can still be informed, and talk to an adult who can demonstrate their gun rights! Anyone watch NCIS, or CSI? All gun violence shows Here is the solution It may take awhile but, Truth is, We didn't even come up with the amendment We didn't make the amendment, It was used in the English Bill of rights first, one of the many things we took from England. The Amendment was and is still a huge part of American Culture. http://www.justfacts.com/images/guncontrol/texas-full.png http://www.justfacts.com/images/guncontrol/michigan-full.png
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