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Cristiano Ronaldo

No description

gao wenxiang

on 29 March 2014

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Transcript of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo
is a famous soccer player that was born on
5th february 1985
in Funchel Portugal, and he is 29 years old now.
He play as a winger for Spanish club

Real Madrid
and severs as the captain of the Portugese national team.
I admire CR not only because he is supper cute but also his
strang spirt
.Cristiano lived in a poor family,but he was
keeping fighting for his dream
.At his age of 12 he leaved his home and went to
by himself for playing soccer.His accent used to make other boys laughing,but he
never gave up
.It just like every one of us,we came here a whole new country,culture backgrand,facing all kinds of difficulties all alone.
C luo ˊspirt encourages me a lot,if he can overcome all the difficulties,I believe so can I and so can all of us!

My dream from my childhood is I want to play footbool at Bernabeu.
I regard othersˊcriticisms as compliment.
I am in the world the third and the second great,great great player.
of CR 7
Cei Luo
Xiao xiao luo

One question who would you
rather be Messi
or Christino Ronaldo?.....
I go for Christino Ronaldo
P.S I still
want my
answer .Thank you!
CR is pretty great,and
he is a real leader.
Social assessment
C Luo is a quadrant class player,his speed,body and technology are very good ,for the defensive player ,he is an absolute nightmare opponent.

2008, C Lo led the Manchester United defending the European Cup and Premier League title. Also was named World Player of the individual title and swept the Golden Globe Europe, Premiership top scorer, best player and many other honors, achievements Grand Slam.
No matter how great the set back,how severe the failure,you never give up.
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