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The Messenger Ammm

No description

M2K Kids

on 12 October 2014

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Transcript of The Messenger Ammm

Sayings and Quotes
The End!!!!!
Meeting Ammm
Ammm does many things in the story. One is he is a messenger for Molly and Leonard Aster (pages 89-91). Another thing is Ammm brought Leonard Aster to the island where Molly and Peter where( page 416). The last thing is Ammm helped Peter from drowning when he went overboard from the Neverland. (pages 199-200)
By: Jessica Gotti
Ammm first came into the story in the chapter ,"The Messenger", on page 88 when the story said, " With pleasantries out of the way, the lead porpoise, whose name was Ammm made a long series of clicks and squeaks." When the story said this, this was when he was talking to Molly at the Neverland.
Click click squeak
squeak click.
Ammm has many strengths. One is Ammm is a great messenger. He helps Molly and her dad( Leonard Aster ) communicate about the trunk with the starstuff in it.(page 89-90)
Ammm doesn't have many weaknesses but he does have a couple. One is not being places on time. When Molly really needed to hear what her dad needed to say about the trunk, Ammm was not there to tell her.
Venn Diagram
A human
A porpoise
Lives on land
Lives in water
Speaks with words
Speaks with
clicks and squeaks
Has arms and legs
Has a tail and fins
Can swim
Breaths air
Talk to humans
Feelings and Thoughts
Some feelings and thoughts of Ammm are Ammm feels like he should protect the the trunk because he is associated with the Starcatchers. Ammm also feels like he should protect Peter, Molly, and Leonard Aster. He protected Peter when he fell overboard and Ammm saved him( page 199-200). Ammm also protected Leonard Aster when he brought him to the mysterious island ( page 416). Then Ammm did a lot of things to protect Molly like when he was making sure Molly was alright on The Neverland. (page 89-90)
The book says that Ammm is the leader of the porpoises who works for The Starcatchers (page 90). On page 90 the book also says that Ammm is a porpoise who protects the starstuff that falls into the ocean. When Molly was telling Peter about everything the starstuff can do she mentioned that the porpoises collect the starstuff that falls into the water (Pages 150-153). Ammm also really cares about The Starcatchers because he finds starstuff. He also is a messenger for Molly and her father ( Leonard Aster).
Amm says a lot of important things in the story. Ammm said to Molly, "pirates have the trunk."(page 341) This is important because Molly and Peter really need to find the trunk and protect it. On page 340 Ammm said, "Molly father coming." This is important because if Molly's father is coming then he will be able to take good care of the starstuff and also Molly will be able to see her dad.
The Messenger Ammm
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