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Speed Queen History

No description

Evan Diller

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Speed Queen History

Speed Queen By: Evan Diller
Paul Thorson What Was The Building Used For? It was used for building washing machines from 1908-1942, then Speed Queen switched to making 20mm shells and parts for WWII. Then after the war they started make washers and driers from 1945 to present day. How Does It Affect Me and Ripon? It affects me because I might end Up working there in the future. It affects Ripon because its where a lot of people work. Where Did My Object Come From? Joe Barlow and John Seelig started Speed Queen in 1908 and the factory produced washing machines. What Is My Building? It was a washing machine plant, then during WWII it was a weapons plant then turned back into a washing machine plant. THE END AND IF YOU SNEEZED DURING THIS PREZI THEN BLESS YOU.
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