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Defending A Medieval Castle

World Cultures

Miah Deutsch

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Defending A Medieval Castle

Defending A Medieval Castle Our Group is researching Defending a Medieval Castle. The people who need to be protected in the castle is the king or lord and peasants. The castle is under attack because, the attacker wants to claim land from the king. Also, the attacker may want the riches inside the castle.

The attack began with Sappers digging a tunnel under the castle wall to make it collapse. Then, the soldiers used scaling ladders to climb and invade the castle walls. After that, they decided to use a battering ram to try to knock down the castle doors. Then, they used a trebuchet to throw rocks over the castle walls and into the castle. Our current situation is the one wall of the castle is starting to collapse because of the sappers. Soldiers are climbing up on the scaling ladders trying to invade but we are using forked sticks to push the ladders away from the walls. Our door is weakening but holding up with the wood we continuously keep placing on. Also, rocks are continually being thrown in the castle and getting lodged in the walls. By: Madeleine, Devan, Lena, Aron, and Miah A: The purpose of a castle was that it offered protection against attackers, kings used them to defend their territory. A: Castles were a specific target for attack because there were very valuable items in the castle, due to it being owned by a wealthy person. Q: Why were castles a specific target for attack? Q: What was the purpose of a castle in Medieval Europe? Q: Who Would attack a castle and how would they organize the attack? A: The kings rivals might attack a castle or organize a raid. They might organize the attack by first planning where each group of soldiers may be placed for the attack. They could set the castles roof on fire to get inside and force the castles residents to surrender, or they could catapult rocks, tar, and beheaded heads into and at the castle. They would also need to know where the castle's weak points are. Q: Describe how a castle siege might begin? A: A castle siege could begin by soldiers continually pounding the castle anyway they can. They could also use scaling ladders to climb walls and start digging tunnels under the castle wall to make it collapse. Q: What are four things you might do to attack a well-defended castle? A:
1. Use a catapult
2. Shoot flaming arrow in and at the castle's walls
3. Use a trebuchet that is loaded with stones
4. Dig a tunnel under the castle to make it collapse Q: Who lived in castles? Why is it important to know who is in the castle? A: Lords, nobles, kings, and wealthy people. It's important because, you don't want to attack your allies or especially a person who has more power than you. Also, in the future if you needed assistance or help the king could assist you. Q: What was the role of a knight in medieval Europe? A: A knight protected his/ her employer, defended the king's land, to be loyal to the king, and to do anything for him Q: Describe Five parts of a lord's manor and castle that were important to defense. A.
1. Gate- strong wooden contraption to close;keep forces out
2. Outer Walls- very strong so attackers can't easily break it down
3.Towers- overlook battlefields; see who or what is coming
4. Storeroom- place where food is kept during long siege so castle members won't starve
5. Moat- Has raw sewage; couldn't be crossed when draw bridge was up Q: Describe four things you might do to protect a castle under attack? A:
1. Close up gate, so it takes longer and makes it harder for the enemy to invade

2. Puts the archers at towers to fire and fight when needed

3. Lead peasants inside inner walls of the tower or underground tunnels or rooms

4. Monitor, protect, and prepare destroyed or weakened parts of the castle. 3 Methods of Attacking A Medieval Castle 1. One method of attack would be to use a catapult. A catapult was a device able to launch fireballs, fire stones, or other things such as dead cattle at or into the castle.

2. Another way of attack would be to have a battering ram.. Since not all castles had a moat, the ones that didn't had strong gates or walls. The battering ram was used to weaken or even destroy the gates or walls with the force of several men. This was a device that pulled back a huge heavy wooden cylinder by several men and released which created heavy force on the wall, gate, or door.

3. Another way of attack was to use a siege tower. This was a large structure on wheels which was pushed up to the castle walls. Ladders inside would allow men to climb to the top of the castle walls while being undercover, and they would be able to get into the castle. Citations

Steele, Tana. Medieval Warfare. New York: Crabtrer Pub., 2004.

Corbrshley, Mike. The Middle Ages. New York: tactsonsile, 1990. THE END!
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