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Castle Project ap world history

casle project

Aaron Palm

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Castle Project ap world history

Works Cited HAVRE CASTLE GUARDROOM Located along coast in Le Havre, France
Access to France's second largest port
Control and monitor travel along waterways
Waterways provide means of escape
Natural springs to feed moat
Abundant fresh water and food supply Main eating and dining area
Castle life revolves around great hall
Used for the owner and guests
Largest and most decorated room
Public entertainment, banquets, and feasts held here
Bright and airy by medieval standards GREAT HALL Buttery used for storing and dispensing beverages
-Ale and wine dispensed from buttery cellar
Pantry holds supplies for kitchen
Pantry stores perishable food products
Rooms have passage that lead to kitchen
Butler is in charge of buttery BUTTERY AND PANTRY Away from great hall for fire safety
Servants prepare meals in this room
Several large fireplaces for spit-roasting
Bread ovens built in walls
High ceiling reduces heat at ground level
Sterling work is done here  KITCHEN IMPORTANT INTERIOR ROOMS Most dangerous place in castle
Iron portcullis traps attackers when closed
Forward gate held in the open position
Main gate opens into a small courtyard
Defenders fire objects through death holes
-Arrows, rocks, hot tar, and boiling water MAIN GATE AS DEATH TRAP Used as first line of defense
Width makes siege machinery virtually useless
Fed by springs and sewage from latrine chutes
Prevents tunneling to undermine castle walls
Attackers are easy to shoot while crossing
Drawbridge can be pulled up limiting access MOAT Intended for prayer and used by all
Used for formal entry into Knighthood
Owner's family and dignitaries sit in upper part
Servants occupy the lower part
Piscina used by priest to rinse communion vessels
Lancet windows, stained glass, and ornate walls CHAPEL Forced perspective creates optical illusion
Towers built with high curtain walls
Top of castle walls are battlements
Protective parapet with walkway for soldiers
Defenders can fire objects through gaps
Raised sections between help shelter defenders OTHER EXTERIOR DEFENSES Top of gatehouse is machicolated
Approach is overlooked by gun-loops
Guardrooms on the ground floor
Ceiling of passage has murder-holes
Ability to drop objects on attackers
Holes also used to extinguish fires GATEHOUSE DEFENSES Guardroom attached to gatehouse
Chamber and household apartments
Great hall for entertainment and dining
Domestic rooms: kitchen, buttery and pantry
Chapel for religious services
Other rooms: retainer's hall and kichen The Havre Castle is designed to evoke majesty and power and built for defensive purposes using its moat, towers, rooms, and forced perspective architecture to guard France's north coast against foreign attackers and invaders. IMPORTANCE OF LOCATION All guests must pass through this room
Guards always present in this room
Ornate construction and furnishings
Numerous weapons available for guard use
Dungeon only accessed through guardroom
-Prison cells in dungeon are unfurnished CHAMBER AND HOUSEHOLD APARTMENTS Large fireplace provides heat for owner
Timber floor used over wood subfloor
Large chair symbolizes status for owner
Wealthy owner has books and tapestries
Anteroom called wardrobe adjoins owner's chamber
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