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Nicolia Grishko

No description

Amy Pond

on 18 December 2013

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Transcript of Nicolia Grishko

Work Experience
Mr.Grishko had only one job before he founded Grishko. He was a professor of International Economy at the Moscow Institute.
Who is he?
Nicolai Grishko was the founder of Grishko pointe shoes, an extremely prestigious pointe shoe producer that ranks next to Freed of London for many professional dance companies. They custom make, mass produce, and special order many varieties of pointe shoes, all hand formed with traditional materials.
Mr.Grishko was born in Kiev, Ukraine.
His parents (names unavailable) where both distinguished scientists who taught him to appreciate research.
His wife, Tamara Grishko, who, as a dancer had suffered from badly fitted pointe shoes, suggested that he started a pointe shoe business.
What is he doing now?
Grishko is still operating and they now produce a variety dance, exercise, and yoga gear. Their most recent mass produced pointe shoe is the Grishko 2007, which comes in many different sizes, widths, shanks, vamps, and arches. They have two main shoe factories and other workshops for costume making.
Nicolia Grishko
By Daisy Muir

What did he do?
Founded Grishko Pointe Shoes
Specialized in international economy.
Graduated from Moscow Institute of Foreign Relations.
Was a professor of National Economy at Moscow Institute for 10 years.
Net Worth
Nicolia Grishko has no net worth.

The End
"If someone is in Grishko, she will be in Grishko all her life. The brand might change, but very slowly because it’s like your second feet.”
Funded the rebuilding of the National Botanic Garden of Nikolai Grishko
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