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jolie rodriguez

on 6 January 2015

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Transcript of FASHION BUYER

I don't do fashion I am fashion
- coco chanel
the salary
working conditions
fashion buyers are responsible
for overseeing the development of a range of products aimed at a specific
type of customer and price bracket. And you are taking a risk with what your buying. You need to have a good designer and and for a resonable price.
Monday, February 17, 2014
for nordstrom
In Fashion buying you buy clothes for nordstrom. So you basically shop as your job but get paid to shop. You can go to fashion shows and travel the world to buy stuff for nordstrom.
yes because fashion is a thing that will evolve and will be here forever. Without buyers we don't have people who will start a trend or keep fashion going. Fashion has been on this earth forever because we wear clothes and as long as people wear clothes there will be fashion.
Some employers may require a degree in fashion merchandising and some employers may hire a buyer with only extensive work experience. Employers may hire fashion buyers who have a degree in business management, merchandise planning and public relations, according to Fashion Schools. Financial courses are helpful for working as a fashion buyer. These courses can offer a fashion buyer a combination of fashion knowledge and business skills to achieve an organization's profit goals.

Most employers prefer a candidate with experience in the fashion industry. Buyers may gain work experience under the direction of a senior fashion buyer before having the ability to make decisions on their own. It is wise to have an internship at a boutique or major department store to obtain retail fashion experience before applying for fashion buyer positions.

Fashion buyers should have a good sense of style and be able to predict trends. They should also have good communication skills to work with suppliers. Possessing marketing skills will help an aspiring fashion buyer greatly since she must be able to promote the clothing and the store. A fashion buyer must have leadership skills because she must direct the activities of others on the shop floor and in other departments within the organization
- ehow.com
Friday, February 10
7:30 — Wake up. Get dressed.
8:40 — Leave my apartment. Catch the subway. No time for Starbucks; I’ll grab a coffee at the Victoria Beckham associate clinic taking place in the store. Catch up on emails & news during my commute.
9:10 — Meet with the Victoria Beckham team who are here to present Victoria’s new spring collection to our sales’ associates before the store opens.
9:30 — Victoria Beckham clinic begins
Victoria Beckham Clinic
Presenting the latest Victoria Beckham looks!
10:00 — Clinic ends. I catch up with the Victoria Beckham team for a bit and then head to my first market appointment of the week — Libertine!!
11:00 — Libertine appointment at the Regency Hotel. Johnson Hartig, the designer, is always there himself and he works with me to pick the best pieces for the third floor. Libertine is unlike other market appointments because everything is one of a kind so you do your order on the spot. So this is how it goes: Stephanie, Johnson’s assistant, helps me try things on. Libertine doesn’t have showroom models and, since we need images of how the looks fit, I end up wearing the looks! So here I attempting to try on a really cool Navajo-ish skirt and it will barely go above my ankles! I gave it to Stephanie to try and she has the same issue. She eventually is able to shimmy into it by putting it over her head but she needs some help getting it off. The consensus is that the skirt is a must have but the zipper length must be fixed. Also hanging around is the legendary Jane Rose, Keith Richards longtime manager. Johnson spends some time showing us the new jewelry line he’s working on which is very cool but not yet released – can’t wait!
Learn more about the Libertine Fall Show.
Libertine Appointment
My crazy-fun Libertine appointment with Johnson Hartig!
12:30 — Not quite done with Libertine, scrambling to make sure I’ve reserved all the best things because I need to get to the Jason Wu show. I’ll return tomorrow but things will get snapped up in between.
12:40 — Off to get a cab and pick up Third Floor manager Nicole to head to the Jason Wu show. Perfect time to catch up.
1:00 — Jason Wu Fall show at St John’s Center Studio 5
Learn more about Jason Wu Fall 2012 Collection
Jason Wu
A few looks from Jason Wu
2:00 — Lunch with Third Floor Manager, Nicole, at Chelsea market
3:00 — Cushnie Fall show at Milk Studios – looks great!
Learn more about the Cushnie et Ochs Fall 2012 Collection
Cushnie et Ochs
Post-show catch up after Cushnie et Ochs
4:00 — Doo.ri Fall show just down the street from Cushnie. Somehow got lost from the rest of the team but found them once inside!
5:00 — Enroute uptown with Andy-the-Retoucher. We couldn’t find a cab anywhere and my Balenciaga booties were killing me! Shoes We finally got one to take us to 57th and 7th so I have to limp the 3 long avenues back to office — Andy wanted to kill me by the time we get back. Guys never understand, do they?
5:30 — Back at office catching up on emails, gather my tickets for this weekend’s shows and organize my market prep for Monday.
6:30 — Head downtown to change quickly for Jason Wu after party.
7:00 — Freshen up make-up (used a polish-up trick I learned from our beauty girls!) and change back at the apartment.
7:30 — Sales director from Jason Wu meets me at my apartment and hangs for a bit while I finish getting ready.
8:00 — Leave for Jason Wu after party
8:30 — Jason Wu’s after party at Double Sevens…ended up switching to a coworker’s Rockstud kitten heels — first Fashion Week casualty!
With Jason Wu
Sharing a smile with Jason Wu!
10:30 — Yigal Azrouel after party at Grammercy Hotel.
11:30 — Head home. It’s been a long day and have another just like it tomorrow!
A day in the life of an international buyer - Georgina Coulter, Head of Buying for my-wardrobe.com tells us about her hectic schedule at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

7am: Wake up, hopefully I have planned my clothes from the night before!

Have breakfast in the hotel whilst replying to emails and check the schedule for the day.

8.30am: Pick up to take you to the first show at 9am. Show will then tend to be back to back with interviews taking place ad hoc at shows.

If time in the schedule we will also have appointments with any designers and collections that are of particular interest for the site so we can see the product up close and discuss if there is an opportunity to work together.

3pm: Realise you have not had time to eat anything so try and grab something on the run!

7pm: Meeting with a magazine and our PR team over cocktails

8-9pm: Tends to be last show of the day.

9-10pm Go straight out for dinner with the team and one of the brands we work with. The networking side is also very important- part of the enjoying your work attitude!

12pm: Back to the hotel. Turn on my laptop and write up/ download photos/ review any buys from the day.
When I first heard there was a job where you shop and get paid and your not even using you own money, I knew I wanted to be a fashion buyer. I love shopping, its actually a really bad addiction, like a shopaholic. I think its any girls dream to shop and travel the world. That's what this job is, going to fashion shows, traveling the world, shopping, getting paid. I mean this is the dream job, who wouldn't want this job.
good pay
free samples
fashion shows
meeting designers
extended hours
losing your position by costing to much money to your company
Fashion institute of design and merchandising (FIDM)
Fashion institute of technology (FIT)
Alexandria Technical & Community College IN ALEXANDRIA, MN
Ashland University IN ASHLAND, OH
Baylor University IN WACO, TX
Bowling Green State University-Main Campus IN BOWLING GREEN, OH
Brenau University IN GAINESVILLE, GA
Brookdale Community College IN LINCROFT, NJ
Central Michigan University IN MOUNT PLEASANT, MI
Cheyney University of Pennsylvania IN CHEYNEY, PA
College of DuPage IN GLEN ELLYN, IL
CUNY New York City College of Technology IN BROOKLYN, NY
Dominican University IN RIVER FOREST, IL
Eastern Kentucky University IN RICHMOND, KY
Eastern Michigan University
My friend's mom is actually H.R. director or human resources of Nordstrom, which is pretty big. She fires, hires, and deals with problems of the company. She actually used to be a fashion merchandiser for Nordstrom, which is really cool. And she heard that I wanted to be a fashion merchandiser when I get older, so she said that she can get me to meet the fashion merchandiser of nordstrom and spend a few hours with her to see what her job is like and what she does. I'm pretty excited.
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