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Otzi the Iceman

No description

Alexandria Schammel

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Otzi the Iceman

Ötzi: The Iceman
Who is Ötzi?
September 19, 1991: Two hikers from Nuremburg, Germany were hiking in the Ötztal Alps, took a shortcut, and discovered with horror a human corpse
dun dun dun.....
The Discovery
He laid flat against a rock face down, with only the back of his head, bare shoulders, and part of his back jutted out of the ice and meltwater
The Recovery
Rainer Henn of Innsbruck University Institute of Forensic Medicine
no archaeologist present; film footage was an important record
two surveys: Between Oct 3 and 5 1991 & July 20 Aug 25 1992
challenge of excavating a find on a glacier
melted snow using steam jets & hot-air blowers
aim= document the exact position and the rest of the finds in the form of a detail contour plan
The Mummy
archaeologist Konrad Spindler
C-14 analysis: lived 3350 and 3100 BC (5,000 years old!)
clothing: hide coat, loincloth, bearskin cap, leggings, shoes, belt and pouch
equipment: axe, dagger, bow, arrows, birch bark container
Through analyzing the Iceman’s blood, bone, DNA and stomach contents, enabled the study the presence of various diseases, his occupation, social status, diet and overall health.
debated if find was found on the Italian rather than the Austrian side
based on the survey the find was 92.56 m from the border in South Tyrol, i.e. in Italy
Today a four-meter-high stone pyramid marks the spot where the glacier mummy was discovered
Fate of the Iceman
result of death= fatal attack
arrowhead found lodged into left shoulder blade
unhealed wound on left hand confirms a hand-to-hand combat
bleeding in the back of his brain confirms a fall or blow to the head shortly before his death
Importance of Ötzi
oldest, most prehistoric and well preserved mummy to be discovered
natural mummy
provided a clear view on everyday life during the prehistoric age & still continues with ongoing research
recent findings=sequencing Otzi's genome helped track ancient migrations
decision made to conserve and exhibit
exhibited at South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology
intimate atmosphere for the mummy for ethical reasons

Ötzi Today
Another Reason Ötzi is so cool....
Brad Pitt has a tattoo of him
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