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Josh Yearous

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Moon

The Six Moons
By Josh And Kyle The blue moon How did the Blue Moon get it's name? The Blue Moon got its name from an earthquake in China During the 1500's. When does everybody see the Blue Moon? Who named the Blue Moon? DR. Sten Odenwald. The Full Worm Moon How did the Full Worm Moon get it's name? The Full Worm Moon got its name because
everytime it came out worms would come out of the ground. When is the Full Worm Moon Visible? March. Who named the Full Worm Moon? The Natives Who named the Full Worm Moon? The Native Americans The Milk Moon How did the milk moon get its name? Young animals are born during the spring
everytime the Milk moon is visible. When is The Milk Moon visible. May When is the milk moon Visible? May When is the Blue Moon Visible? August The Snow Moon When is the Snow Moon Visible? February Who named the Snow Moon? Native Americans The Beaver Moon How did the Beaver Moon get its name? Time to set beaver traps before swamps froze to make sure of a supply of warm furs? When is the Beaver Moon Visible? November Who named the Beaver Moon? The Native Americans The Sap Moon How did the Sap Moon get its name? It got its name from the cawing of crows. When is the Sap Moon Visible? March Who named the Sap Moon? The Farmers The End
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