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5 Government Systems Overview

The five major government systems (Democracy, autocracy, oligarchy, monarchy, dictatorship), and general information.

Dave Fisher

on 27 January 2011

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Transcript of 5 Government Systems Overview

Government Systems Democracy Communism Oligarchy Monarchy Dictatorship A system of government in which the people either govern themselves directly, or elect their public officials through free elections.
"Rule by the People"
Some countries that implement Democracy include: The United States, and Canada. There are five major types of Government Systems
1. Democracy
2. Communism
3. Oligarchy
4. Monarchy
5. Dictatorship Developed by Karl Marx
The working class overthrows the ruling class and forms a stateless, classless society where the decisions are made with the collective interests of the entire society as a whole in mind.
Government that gives all political power to one ruler, a monarch.
Great Britain is a "Constitutional Monarchy", which means that their King or Queen is limited by a written document. In Great Britain's case, the King or Queen is only a figurehead, the actual government is run by Parliament.
An example of an "Absolute Monarchy" is Saudi Arabia The government is ruled by a single individual that is known as an Autocrat ("One who rules by himself").
Autocrats and Dictators rule all aspects of government alone, without consent of those they govern.
An example Dictatorship today would be North Korea.
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