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Technology in English Language Teaching

This prezi is aimed at giving an overview of my personal learning on using technologies in language teaching. If you are interested in innovating education will find interesting items here. Hope you like it!

Karen Daltoé

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Technology in English Language Teaching

A door opens... Technology in ELT A new era Technology We are all
connected (to it)! It is connected to us!

When I first came into this module I knew I was about to be immersed into a variety of new technology, new tools, that I had always wanted to master. Technology isn't always easy for me, but I guess that's because I don't have the time (I would like to have) to focus on myself as a techie person, once I was able to easily understand the concepts as well as the use of new presented tools, and I do believe that I have mastered the new material and have discovered creative new ways to teach. I think that these classes have broadened my view of what technology is and how it can be used in teaching. One great goal I've achieved was looking for new web tools - it's amazing how many things we can find by simply googling ideas! Also, this module has changed my job as the school coordinator. Now I am able to help my colleagues, giving them suggestions on how to improve their practice in and out of the classroom, helping in their professional and personal development. It's nice to see friends wanting to know even more about such tools and, the best thing, how to add them to their planning. And now that I have learned how to use many different resources, it has changed the way that I plan on teaching teachers how to teach, given that this module helped me realize how heavily technology can be implemented into ANY school systems. I believe it is becoming (step by step) a very common and popular trend in schools, once technology is not only the future, but the present, the situation we've been living each day, the moment our digital native learners are in. More than just adding technology to the class, I hope teachers can understand the urgency of being digital immigrants, known that many of them still don't (even) know how to use a computer. They must apply technology to the class not only with the intention of mixing modern and classic techniques, but with the idea of a new education process, changing the way we make education, turning it into a meaningful and interactive process. I look forward to the future education, an education for technology that is going to build new school systems. The term that would summarize my learning would be one that I came across while studying in this module: "THINKNOLOGY". We need to think technology, not only use it, or add it to our planning. A powerpoint presentantion, for example, will be meaningless and boring if we don't seek technology education purposes. That's why I like using the expression EDUCATION FOR TECHNOLOGY, not the opposite. Technology
in Education Brief History... Does it work? Why? Reality! Learning “The social arrangement of the school is from the 18th century. The teachers are from the 20th century and the students from the 21st century. They are digital natives. We have to reach the students. Starting with the teacher, we can get there more safely.”
Aloizio Mercadante “Our students have changed radically, as have their tools. Any teacher who thinks we can change them back is fighting, I think, a losing battle. In this time of great methodological and curricular flux, we educators are presented with a unique, although challenging, opportunity. We can start to teach our kids in their own language, on their own tools, combining their needs with our expertise. If we are clever, and do this well, all will benefit.” Marc Prensky My PLE I'll improve my participation in this group! I'll update my pinterest with more specific links: articles, blogs, e-books, magazines... Weekly! Create and Share the most I can! I plan on surrounding myself of tools and resources, maintaining what I believe to be the real education for technology... ...getting the best use
of any devices: LEARNING! I believe that this way... A door will be always open to effective learning and teaching! Karen Daltoé - RA:64056
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