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No description

Krystyn Haynes

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of WE CAN DO IT!!

By: Krystyn Haynes
Rosie the Riveter
Picture Description
The composite figure of Rosie was based on a group of women, most of whom were named Rose. tow of the group members set a production record by drilling nine hundred holes and driving thirty-three hundred rivets in the tail end of a Grumman TBF Avenger torpedo bomber during one six-hour overnight shift in June 1943.

With every pound that weighs me down,
I stand a little straighter, now;
In time I’ve shoved it to the floor
And dared the world to give me more.

It’s what the whole of us have felt,
With what we all have failed or dealt,
Those trying times that wear on us,
Defining what can hinder us.

There’s nothing that can bring me down
Since Rosie, with her red cloth crown,
Says, “We can do it!” She’s the proof
That I can do it! I can, too!

Poem Description
The poem shows how Rosie the Riveter encouraged women to do the things the men would do by themselves wile the men are away. It goes with the picture because it show the reaction to the picture.
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Rosie the Riveter
By Anonymous, Garner, NC
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