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Redside dace

No description

Amanda and Isabelle Benry

on 21 June 2011

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Transcript of Redside dace

THE REDSIDE DACE Biology Needs and Habitats What You Can Do to Keep Rivers and Streams Clean. Positive Actions Towards Redside Dace Negative Actions Against the Fish. you can help... volunteer to protect your local streams
use products that are healthy to the enviroment
use public transportation
conserve water isn't this so beautiful?
wouldn't you want little fishies to live a good life? SCIENTIFIC NAME -> Clinostomus Elongatus
In Canada, the Redside Dace lives mostly in the Southern part of Ontario
it is 7.5cm in length
the Redside Dace is an insectivorous fish. - Its main cunsumption is aquatic insects. But they also eat invertebrates
they eat there primary food during the months of May and October. they eat mostly Danceflies which are terrestrial insects. the redside dace is limited in southern Ontario. YAY FISHIES!! (: redside dace require cool, clear floating water streams to survive. Urban development is considered by most
people the cause of the Redside dace being endangered, assumed back in 2000 by the COSEWIC. There are alot of positive things
helping the fish. For example, there are
volunteer groups that take a time of day
to help these endangered species.
Some organization groups are... -Irvine Creek Action Group
-Lynde creek
-PurpleVille Creek
-Morningside Tributary Rehabitilation There are lots of negative
things against the Redside dace, that can
be prevented. Here are some things
that are hurting not only the Redside dace fishes,
but hurting millions of other fish populations. -society needs more land for
housing, so they dig out streams and rivers
the fish live in to make room
-there can be pipelines that pour out into these streams,
causing pollution in the water
-stopping these rivers can cause bumps in the flow of rivers
-food chain with be disrupted if prey cannot get there food, than there predator cannot eat them the redside dace is sexually mature at year 2 0r 3
spawning (the laying of eggs) usually takes place in May during 18 degrees celsius water
they need a pebbled bottom and flowing stream to spawn.
a female can lay up to 400-2000 eggs. COSEWIC- Commitee on the Status of endangered Wildlife in Canada COSEWIC- Commitee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada. the Earth Song by Michael jackson. Made by: Amanda N, Isabelle N, Juliana M, Grace S. What can You do , Think about it
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