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Lead Capture UI Presentation

No description

Mark Pepoy

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Lead Capture UI Presentation

Lead Capture 1/7/13
Team StrongMark View My Info View My Info Edit My Info Send Contact Info Edit Share My Info View Lead Entry Quick Response Codes Business Card Capture Capture This allows the user to type directly into the mobile device the contact information.
The default configuration is for direct marketing
(mail, email or telemarketing). Using a third party open source OCR reader we can leverage the mobile phone's camera to take a picture of the business card and enter the text in the Lead Entry screen for confirmation. Using open source software and the phone's camera, a real time scan of the QR code allows us to pull the Contact Info and load it into the Lead Entry screen. Here the user can view previously entered records.

Phone, Email, Facebook and Twitter links to the appropriate channel.
All fields in the view screen are fully editable.

This allows the user to add or change information.

The notes field can be used to add instructions for office personnel on that contact. From any View screen it is possible to share back out the agent's information (My Info) For the initial version data will be passed back to AmFam corporate systems only as emails with the contact information in vCard format.

Future version could integrate directly with APEX, or send the information to MOD via the BRC import functionality.
The app creates your My Info screen based on your contact information from MOD.

This assures that the same information used here is used in mailings and emails. My Info will have the most common fields included by default.
The user can edit the information here if needed.
These will be configurable so that the user can select which fields are included. Login You have three
unsent contacts MOD
Prospecting Login and Register Welcome
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