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Saving Kids' Lives

Surgifying Brains

Abianne Kyaro

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Saving Kids' Lives

Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Game Cleared! Start Game: What I’m most excited: so much I could do; I could be whatever I wanted to be. But I’m happy that my life is gonna be spent trying to save peoples’ lives. Saving Kids' Lives Surgifying Brains My mom wanted me
to be a doctor. saving lives...you make a difference in people. But mommy why? and i was like butbut... children :] I LOVE KIDS. and then i was like but BRAINS :o cool shiz. + you still save lives. ;) mommy said okay so now im going to be:
a pediatric neurosurgeon
English: a brain doctor for kids that's me.
Player #1. The only one.
[i'm not a guy.
just for the record.] The Game of Life Any hospital around the world But "there's no place like home." But WHERE? Game Over Qualifications Got none of that? Good background check
Required Education
Personality - Communication Skills
Working capability
Excellent manual dexterity
Emotional stability 4 years of college [pre-med]
4 years of medical or osteopath school
5 year residency program in general surgery:
2-3 year fellowship to specialize in neurosurgery
1 year internship **Must complete yearly continuing medical education requirements to maintain licensure.** Entry Level Salary - about $300,000 What would I do? I would basically “surgify” on brains. Specifically childrens’ brains. I could perform brain transplants, remove tumors, and clip cerebral aneurisms. That literally means cutting open a skull and using teeny tiny metal tools to mess with the brain gut right there. But you can’t just mess around. You have to be extremely careful in what you do. One wrong twitch could possibly kill or paralyze the child forever. Harvard Why? It's one of the best medical schools around. [Plus it looks like Hogwarts.] Requirements for Harvard recommends -
4 years of English, including writing
4 years of science, which could include biology,
chemistry, physics and an AP course in one of 'em
3 years of history, including American + European
4 years of a foreign language. Kennedy Middle School Harvard University Basic Turn-ins: Application $75 Application Fee Harvard Supplement SAT I or ACT & 3 SAT II Subject Tests Secondary School Report and Mid-Year School Report 2 Teacher Evaluations Community Involvement Leadership Extracurricular Activities Other personal qualities In top 10 - 15% of their graduating classes Rigor of high school classes: Don't fall off that educational vine... Game Over JUMP!
Surgeon must be licensed by state medical board to practice medicine
Must pass a board-certification exam to practice general surgery
+ A separate board-certification exam in neurosurgery.
Sub-specialize? ----> must also pass board-certification exams in those areas. FLY! ATTACK! INSTEAD
now Med school: courses in advanced math are mandatory, either calculus A biology or chemistry major/bachelor’s degree to start. Pre-med: courses focusing on human anatomy or the brain's function; such as cognitive psychology, neuroscience physiology, biochemistry, pathology, endocrinology, biochemistry or statistics or both. Courses in biology, chemistry, anatomy, physics, organic chemistry and microbiology are also common requirements. In School.........till I'm 32 >.< Start of College. The NORMAL college. 4 years: major in chemistry or biology, then GRADUATE. YAY! 2021 MORE SCHOOL. AGAIN. ._. well not really. this is the residency and specialized fellowship time period. this is when we get into the nitty-gritty details of the job. 2025 2030 2017 ALMOST DONE :) YAYAYAYAY! Just one more year of internship to go and I will officially be the class of 2031. sort of. One term = one academic year. One academic year = about 9 months. One term requires $49,875. That makes about $748,125 just for tuition for 15 academic years. I could buy a HOUSE with that money! A LARGE ONE. And just imagine everything else that's required.... Few major requirements:
Precise hand-eye coordination -> micro-art and cross-stitching.
Emotional stability -> acting.
Communication skills -> just chill n’ socialize(: :O I will probably go to college until I was 32, even if I chose to be just a NORMAL surgeon. That is one long school life. And no way to cut it short. Some of the biggest obstacles = money and time.
The only thing I can do to help my college life right now is study. HARD. Entry into medical school. BACK TO SCHOOL(: YAYAY! 4 years: advanced math. [o.m.g.] and a lot of science. like physics. and microbiology and other ish like that. GRADUATE AGAIN.
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